Carlos Enrique Escobar Bravo

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Title: Director of Wholesales and Operations

Company: Claro

Location: San Juan, PR

San Juan, PR, October 25, 2016, Carlos Enrique Escobar Bravo, Director of Wholesales and Operations with Claro, has been recognized by Worldwide Executives, for dedication, achievement and leadership in team management.

On a daily basis as the director of wholesales and operations with Claro, Mr. Escobar Bravo is responsible for setting up towers, conduits and fiber optics. Additionally, he develops and implements products, and he oversees sales and operations for the company while working with international roaming and international private lines. Mr. Escobar Bravo considers himself to be an expert in the telecommunications industry, with particular skills in mentoring and leadership, guiding teams to reach their goals.

Mr. Escobar Bravo feels that one of the main factors that have contributed to his success is his total focus on results. He also likes to learn new things. He likes to be one step ahead of competitors, and he is always looking at what market and competitors are doing so they can do it better.

He became involved in his profession because he started off as a programmer. When he was first introduced to the router, he was fascinated with the networking, and changed his focus. To supplement his programming skills, he earned an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

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