Bertrand de Brosses

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Title: Industry Owner Representative

Company: SEGULA Technologies

Location: Fontenay-Le-Fleury, France

Bertrand de Brosses embodies a unique presence in the French business world. While most people hold a single specialty, like technician or manager, Mr. de Brosses is both a businessman and a technical expert with more than two decades of experience. He can handle both the technical aspects of a job and the human aspects, and his multifaceted abilities have proven useful throughout his career.

After developing an interest in engineering, Mr. de Brosses went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Engineering from Ecole Centrale Paris in 1990. As industry owner representative at SEGULA Technologies, an engineering and consulting company, he is responsible for designing projects, executing contracts, developing navigation systems, maintaining profitability, and improving reliability for any aspect of the subcontractors. Prior to his position at SEGULA, Mr. de Brosses worked for Zodiac Aerospace and Sagem, a subsidiary of Safran, a French aircraft engineering company.

Mr. de Brosses is affiliated with Ecole Centrale Paris Alumni, and he attributes his success to his motivation. Something he has learned from his career is that is important to be adaptable; anyone can change their minds for any reason, and accepting that reality is crucial to progress

Bertrand de Brosses was originally selected for inclusion in Elite Worldwide Executives and Professionals in February 2016. We are proud to be featuring Mr. de Brosses again in Elite Worldwide Executives and Professionals for 2017.

Contact Bertrand de Brosses

de Brosses, Bertrand 1768711


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