Anesh S. Naidoo

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Naidoo, Anesh 1693101Title: Vice President of Cash Operations

Company: DBS Bank of Singapore

Location: Bishan, Singapore

Anesh Naidoo’s interest in banking has allotted him the opportunity to study and work all over the world. For the past four years, Mr. Naidoo has been the Vice President of Cash Operations at the DBS Bank of Singapore. This position is integral to the bank’s success, and Mr. Naidoo’s nearly 30 years of experience secure the supply relationship management and operations. He is also responsible for negotiating deals in sourcing and implements, handling 30 million dollars in profit and losses and overseeing acquisitions. In addition, his position also deals with maintenance and disposal as well as ATM’s.

Aiding in his career path, Mr. Naidoo first received a diploma in purchasing with First Class Honors from Damelin. He also received a certificate in business management, business administration and operations from the University of Johannesburg. He has been a keynote speaker and enjoys speaking about his passion for banking. Looking toward the future, Mr. Naidoo endeavors to provide his services on a larger scale.

Contact Anesh Naidoo

 Naidoo, Anesh 1693101


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