Rev. Joseph A. Blenkle

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Blenkle, Joseph 328484Title: Catholic Priest

Company: St. Mary’s Church in Fishkill

Location: Fishkill, NY United States

With a career in religious services that has spanned more than 25 years, Rev. Joseph Blenkle is regarded for his spiritual guidance as a priest in the Catholic Church. Ordained by Saint Joseph’s seminary, he entered his profession as he felt it was his calling from God. Now in his 16th year with St. Mary’s Church in Fishkill, he presides at regular mass, weddings and funerals. Additionally, he works with women in prisons and helps to prepare them to re-acclimate back into Society after serving their term.

Rev. Blenkle holds a Master of Arts in Divinity and a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and religious studies. Rev. Blenkle knew from his days as an altar boy in middle school that he was destined to serve God in his life. After becoming ordained, he worked as a parochial vicar in several parishes. In recognition of his professional excellence, he was a two-time recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award and he was named VIP of the Year by Worldwide Branding. A board member of the Catholic Radio Network, Rev. Blenkle plans to continue guiding others through his faith in God in the years ahead.

Rev. Joseph Blenkle was originally selected for inclusion in Elite Worldwide Executives and Professionals in 2015. We are proud to be featuring Rev. Blenkle again in Elite Worldwide Executives and Professionals for 2017.

Contact Rev. Joseph A. Blenkle

Blenkle, Joseph 328484


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