Dr. Christopher Lange

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Lange, Christopher 1723914Title: Professor, Associate Chair of Radiation Oncology

Company: SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Dr. Lange is recognized for more than 48 years of professional experience in the fields of medicine and education. He is noted for serving SUNY Downstate Medical Center as a professor and associate chair for more than 36 years. He became involved in his profession after he made his own biophysics program for his bachelor’s degree in physics. He then became interested in stem cell biology, which was new at the time, and obtained his doctorate with work demonstrating that the life of the organism can be understood in terms of its stem cells. His career has progressed ever since. Well-respected in the field, he brings exemplary knowledge of biophysical and biological research relating to human medical problems, particularly cancer and its treatment, as well as stem cells, cancer stem cells, and molecular basis of cellular radio sensitivity. He credits his success to staying curious, continuously training and challenge established paradigms. This career allows him the ability to take intellectual risks and diversify information.

Dr. Lange changed the fields of embryology and regeneration when he explained the mechanism of anterior-posterior (AP) polarity control. He showed that the AP morphogenetic field, as described in the textbooks, incorrectly predicted the results of transplantation and regeneration experiments. This is yet another model of his that changed paradigms and textbooks and remains unchallenged. Additionally, Dr. Lange was the first to show that DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) in mammalian cells are reparable. With J.Y. Ostashevsky, he created a quantitative basis for the molecular understanding of cell survival (the DSB model). He made several further significant changes in this field. With J.Y. Ostashevsky, he invented the clustered loop model of higher eukaryotic (mammalian) interphase chromosome structure. He endeavors to continue finding medical advancements and helping more patients.

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Lange, Christopher 1723914


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