Trevor Campbell

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Campbell, Trevor 1687283Title: Property and Land Manager

Company: Origin Energy

Location: Roma, QLD, Australia

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Ilene Gellings

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Ilene Gellings 1761440Title: Owner, Customer Sales and Service Specialist

Company: Toerper Tech and Precision LTD

Location: Alberta, Canada

Farming is part of Ilene M. Gellings’s life. She grew up on a family farm and realized, early on, the importance of all farm structures and sizes. Today, she is a well-established agronomist who has garnered 15 years of industry experience. For the past three, Ms. Gellings has served as the owner and a customer sales and service specialist for Toerper Tech and Precision LTD. Her company is an independent trimble agricultural reseller that provides clients with farm information management services, GPS steering and guidance, rate and section control, soil profiling, soil sampling, and UAS (unmanned aerial system). The company’s main goal is to “take precision agriculture to the next level.” Read the rest of this entry »

Joanne Solverson

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LogoTitle: Livestock Production Sales Representative

Company: UFA

Location: Alberta, Canada

Joanne Solverson is a livestock production sales representative for UFA Limited, an agriculture, farming and petroleum company that provides its clients with a wide range of services. Ms. Solverson has been involved in the agriculture industry her entire life and was eager to develop a career in the field. An expert in working with livestock and communicating with a diverse group of people, Ms. Solverson is responsible for working directly with producers, customers and store managers to increase livestock production. Her vast experience in farming enabled her to receive top sales for four consecutive months and gain a strong reputation throughout UFA. Ms. Solverson earned academic scholarships to pursue a degree in agricultural business and management, and is also a Cattlemen’s Young Leaders graduate. She attributes her success to networking and her determination. Looking toward the future, Ms. Solverson would like to expand the livestock side of the company by 25-30 percent. Read the rest of this entry »

Alvin Downey

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Title: President, Owner

Alvin Downey 1351889Company: CBI Livestock Brokers

Location: Friona, TX, United States

Growing up on a ranch gave Alvin Downey the opportunity to gain an interest in livestock at an early age. He became familiar with livestock brokerage services and made the decision to open his own company nearly two decades ago. Mr. Downey enjoys being able to make a difference in people’s lives and prides himself on his honesty and integrity, knowing his products and services, and being able to communicate well with people.

Mr. Downey handles a myriad of responsibilities as the owner and president of CBI Livestock Brokers, including overseeing daily operations, and buying and selling feeder cattle. He draws on his strong skill set and knowledge of feed yards, commodities and finance to successfully operate his business. Mr. Downey is bonded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Read the rest of this entry »