David Grubor

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Title: Director of Operations

Company: ApolloCorp Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON

As the director of operations at ApolloCorp Inc., David Grubor specializes in numerous areas related to construction, including manufacturing, logistics, procurement, engineering, maintenance, product development and business development. He has also gained considerable experience managing greenfield construction projects for facilities up to 500,000 square feet in size. Additionally, he has led initiatives to relocate, consolidate and decommission facilities.

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Antonio Oliveira

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Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: O&C Services, Inc.

Location: Sunnyvale, TX, United States

Antonio Oliveira displays professional prowess as the president and CEO of O&C Services, Inc., a search service and maintenance firm that provides assembly and construction services for the ceramic industry. Utilizing his expert ability in project management, Mr. Oliveira steers his company to expansion. He oversees 10 employees in the United States and an additional 200 in Portugal. He is putting the final touches on the headquarters in Dallas while maintaining an office in Tennessee. Additionally, he hires employees in the U.S., helps the general manager with final approval in Portugal, conducts business, and oversees budgets, sales and customer service.

Preparing for a career in business, Mr. Oliveira first earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra. He continued at the University of Portsmouth to earn a master’s degree in manufacturing. In order to stay connected with the best and most efficient business practices, Mr. Oliveira received OSHA Hazard Recognition Training, safety training for operators of rough terrain forklifts and is a licensed notary. He has used these certifications and throughout his 13 years in the business.

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Gilberto Rodrigues

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Rodrigues, Gilberto 1648889

Title: Former Chief Executive Officer

Company: Mota-Engil Africa

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Gilberto Rodrigues has more than 23 years of experience in civil engineering. During this career, he has grown the business on the continent of Africa for Mota-Engil from $300 million to $1.5 billion Euros. As the former CEO of Mota-Engil, Mr. Rodrigues was responsible for being in charge of the African market. In this position, he paid close attention to how markets performed and on how to handle the commercial side of the business. He has overseen finances and top operations while setting policies. At the present, Mr. Rodrigues is pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors in Africa.

Mr. Rodrigues attributes his success to his hard work and natural ability. He is a firm believer in setting goals and relying on his team for support. To prepare for a career in his line of work, he earned a master’s degree in civil engineering at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto in Portugal. This degree has served him well and has helped him serve his various roles within the industry, including all of his positions with Mota-Engil. Mr. Rodrigues started out as an onsite engineer after graduating and worked up to site manager and project manager. In 2001, he was to Africa, where he became a country manager, then a regional director and finally the CEO of the continent. Read the rest of this entry »

Sean Ford

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Ford, Sean 2088883Title: Managing Partner

Company: Dancor Construction Limited

Location: Brampton, ON, Canada

Sean Ford is the Owner and Managing Partner of Dancor Construction Limited, a construction and project management consulting firm. He opened the doors to the company more than 12 years ago with the intention of specializing in the design and build of industrial, commercial/retail and residential uses. In his position, Mr. Ford develops the properties, builds projects and manages the overall operations. Additionally, he takes an active role in strategically planning and financially forecasting. Mr. Ford lends his expertise to his staff, as he coaches, trains and sets compliant standards for his company. With a goal of creating a product that exceeds the expectations of his clients, he focuses on progressing team performance, overseeing product selection, creating, and targeting design.   Read the rest of this entry »

Harry A. Redstone, P.Eng.

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Redstone, Harry 1938610Title: Engineer

Company: Independent Engineer

Location: Collingwood, ON, Canada

Harry A. Redstone, P.Eng., an independent engineer, offers consultancy, maintenance and technical services for clients in the mass transit industry. Drawing on more than 50 years of expertise in project management, Mr. Redstone specializes in overseeing the construction of dams, bridges, subways and mass-transit projects on both a national and international scale. He has been involved in projects all over the world, including North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. For the past eight years, Mr. Redstone has partnered with his wife, to whom he credits his success, to provide independent contracting. He attests that the most rewarding aspect of his career is guiding associates in the design and implementation of difficult projects, and seeing how those projects complement the surrounding area.

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David Coulson

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Coulson, David 2003732Title: President

Company: Loras Enterprises Ltd.

Location: Alberta, Canada

As the president of Loras Enterprises Ltd, Mr. Coulson demonstrates an expertise in all area of the construction business. His 45 years of experience in project management and design have allowed him to meet with tremendous success in the Calgary region, including the distinction of VIP of the Year in 2015.  In his career, he worked on the legislative landscaping project in front of the Provincial Legislative Building in Edmonton, including the dome fountain and reflect pool. Additional notable projects include the design and build of the Depart of National Defense’s lecture training facility and drill hall in Namao Alberta.

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Craig A. Hrkal

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Hrkal, Craig 507981Company: HN Holdings LLC

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Location: Zimmerman, MN United States

For nearly three decades, Mr. Hrkal has honed his skill set in the concrete industry. Over the course of the past two years, in his role as CEO, he has worked diligently on behalf of HN Holdings, which produces and distributes cellular concrete, lightweight aggregate applications, and lightweight concrete and construction materials, including concrete chemicals. He loves being able to evaluate and determine “next-level” products and services for the industry. The holding company, a certified cellular concrete applicator, owns and operates Cellular Concrete Inc., Lightweight Distributing Co. Inc., Hwy Safety Zone LLC, and the newest addition, Concrete Chemicals Inc. Cellular. Through hard work, industry knowledge, and financial discipline, he became partner in two different companies, and subsequently purchased both in 2007, which has been the highlight of his professional life thus far.

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Thomas Kraemer

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Thomas Kraemer 1737247Title: Electrical Estimator

Company: HB Construction

Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Thomas Kraemer always wanted to be an electrician, and pursued a career in the field. Over the course of 39 years, Mr. Kraemer has held a variety of positions in the construction industry, serving as an electrical contractor and a journeyman. In 2013, he joined Western Pacific Enterprises GP, a construction company that provides a wide variety of services and has been commissioned to work on various industrial and commercial projects in Western Canada. Mr. Kraemer joined HB Construction as an electrical estimator in 2015.

A highly regarded professional with an eye for detail, Mr. Kraemer is responsible for processing and organizing all the documents pertaining to electrical construction projects, and handling requests for information sent to the engineers or general contractors. He draws on his past experience and leadership abilities to drive the success of the company and assist it in achieving its business goals. Mr. Kraemer excels at supervising others, creating schedules and training professionals. Read the rest of this entry »

Francois Goulet

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LogoTitle: Vice President, General Manager

Company: Centre de l’Escalier Inc.

Location: Quebec, Canada

Deciding he wanted to work in a value added industry, Francois Goulet got involved in construction. Today, he has 16 years of experience and has been serving as the VP and GM of Centre de l’Escalier Inc. for the past seven. The construction company specializes in building stairs and doing home repairs.

Mr. Goulet is familiar with all work performed within the company, and is recognized as a strong leader and supervisor who is gifted at enhancing all positions in the company. He has an amazing ability to communicate and identify with all people within the organization regardless of position and find common goals to ensure things get done in an efficient and effective manner. In his position, he is responsible for overseeing the operations and performance of 152 employees, giving administrative direction, handing production, advising on technical issues, and giving monthly reports to directors. Read the rest of this entry »

James Drexel

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LogoTitle: Area Superintendent, Senior Foreman

Company: The Raymond Group

Location: Concord, CA, United States

Inspired by his father, Donald Cameron, James Drexel got involved in quality assurance. He has spent the last 36 years honing his skills in the field and has become a recognized leader. In 1998, Mr. Drexel joined The Raymond Group as the field superintendent. The Raymond Group is a construction company that specializes in commercial construction projects.

In his role, Mr. Drexel oversees projects to ensure quality of workmanship and general assurance of production throughout Northern California. He also makes sure he is readily available to his employees in order to answer questions of workers and foremen. Mr. Drexel is very proud of the work he does and puts the needs of the clients and his employees first. He always overcomes challenges, including physical challenges that have affected his work. In the early 90s, Mr. Drexel started a PGE retrofit job and shattered his ankle on the first day and had to begin the job using crutches. His dedication and passion for his job were proven through his ability to fight through the pain and get the job done. Read the rest of this entry »

Kieran Connole

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LogoTitle: Director

Company: ANJ Construction Ltd.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Influenced by his father, Kieran Connole made the decision to pursue a career in carpentry. He realized he had a knack for the field and has honed his skills in construction and carpentry for the past 33 years. Mr. Connole is a creative problem solver who draws on his strong skill set and strategic thinking abilities to provide clients of ANJ Construction Ltd. with the highest quality products and services.

As the director of the full-service construction company, which specializes in a range of disciplines from stone masonry to landscape design, Mr. Connole is responsible for informing and consulting with clients, attending meetings, training apprentices, and networking for new business. Mr. Connole joined ANJ Construction in January 2009, and has introduced new processes and standardized operations in order to make the company run more efficiently and effectively. Read the rest of this entry »