Jorge Chamine

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Chamine, Jorge 1634357Title: Baritone

Company: Music for Peace

Location: Paris, France

A virtuoso since birth, Jorge Chamine’s veins are filled with blood that runs thick with music. With one his latest endeavors being the Music for Peace organization, Mr. Chamine is internationally-known, having performed at with symphonies and operas at Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony, London Symphony, Czech Philharmonic among other of the world’s grandest stages. In his current role, he continues to sing and teach music while working as a music ambassador in such places like the Middle East. In addition, he is the president and artistic director of the CIMA Festival in Tuscany, Italy, and pedagogical director of Ateliers “Sons Croises” in Paris, France. Mr. Chamine is the artistic director of the Bougival Festival in France as well.

Mr. Chamine began singing at the age of four and playing piano by five. At 12 years old, he seized a lead soprano role for a Portuguese opera. Several years later at 15, Mr. Chamine won the Prix National de la Jeunesse. His career has also been politically motivated, and since the age of 14, he has made decisions to fight for liberty. While he may have a law degree from the University of Coimbra, he finds his voice is his liberator for justice. He has studied with prominent musicians such as Lola Rodríguez de Aragon, Hans Hotter, Daniel Ferro and Teresa Berganza. In his more than three decades in the spotlight, he has refined his skills in opera, operetta, zarzuela, oratorio, new music and art-song repertory. Read the rest of this entry »


Peter Philippe Weiss

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Weiss, Peter 1827322Title: Designer, Sound Artist, Lecturer, Author, Owner

Company: Corporate Sound AG

Location: Basel, Switzerland

As a pioneer in sound branding, Peter Philippe Weiss exploits the potential of the highly emotional audible design dimension as a strategic tool. With ‘corporate sound,’ he designs the integral audible expression of a brand – advertising, web, apps, products and spaces. He has completed projects for Deutsche Telekom, ABB, coop, Swarovski, Tissot Watches and more. Read the rest of this entry »

Christopher Potter

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Title: Director of Technical Production

Company: Opera Australia

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Christopher Potter has been involved in music since he was a child. He started playing violin at the age of 7. After moving to Australia, he realized that there was not much of a market for musicians, so he moved into the production side of theater and started working on the musical set of Hair. Ever since then, he has experienced a terrific ride through the production, mechanical, technical side of the industry. In his current role, Mr. Potter is responsible for helping Opera Australia in enriching Australia’s cultural life with exceptional opera, and presenting opera that excites audiences and sustains and develops the art form nationally. Read the rest of this entry »

Shelley Buffitt

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Shelley Buffitt 1808322Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: GEL Music Group

Location: Ontario, Canada

Shelley Buffitt got her first taste of the music industry standing up in church as a toddler and singing, much to the delight of the congregation. From that point on, she knew that she wanted her career to involve music. Ms. Buffitt is an accomplished singer/songwriter and performer who serves as the CEO of GEL Music Group, which provides artist management and coordination services. Aside from her responsibilities at GEL, which include keeping in contact with artists and their producers, photographers and crew, and working with two clients, Ms. Buffitt focuses on growing her musical career. She has penned hundreds of songs, produced two albums, and has received ample recognition for her country pop song Daddy’s Little Girl. Ms. Buffitt has also earned numerous accolades for her work, including being nominated for the OCMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year for her My First Love album as well as further nominations for Rising Star and Duet of the Year for Bad Side Of Town. Looking toward the future, Ms. Buffitt hopes to become a record label contender for the northern part of Ontario. Read the rest of this entry »