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Nancy P. Cotton

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Title: Property Manager

Company: Region of Peel

Location: Branton, ON, Canada

Possessing more than 35 years of service to the Region of Peel in Canada, Nancy Cotton has become a staple figure in public service as a property manager. Responsible for handling properties pertaining to water, wastewater, waste management facilities and communication towers, Ms. Cotton’s abilities make a difference for the area. In addition, she maintains the upkeep of real estate properties, such as vacancies and easements. The Peel Region represents multiple municipalities, including cities and towns. Her work aids in the management of said region, the development of innovative programs and responding to the needs of the people residing in the area. Read the rest of this entry »


Dr. Dale Layman

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Layman, Dale 1956238Title: Author, Speaker, Visionary Thinker in the Sciences

Company: Robowatch, LLC

Location: Joliet, IL, United States

Dale Layman has been involved with human rights advocacy since 1999, after reading several scientific articles detailing the invasive progression of technology that is a growing threat to organic life. Concerned with this, Dr. Layman works as an author and speaker to raise awareness of this problem. In order to inform society, he maintains a blog and reports on developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. Over the course of the next few years, Dr. Layman endeavors to make his findings from his research in the field of robotics better known and salient to the public.

Dr. Layman earned a Bachelor of Science in anthropology and zoology from the University of Michigan in 1971. He continued to earn a Master of Science in physiology from the university’s medical school in 1974. From there, he received a Ph.D. in health and safety studies from the University of Illinois in 1986, and in 2003 earned another Ph.D. from the European Academy of Information and World Information Distributed University. His latest degree is a Ph.D. in medicine from WIDU. In addition, he became an educational specialist in physiology and health science from Ball State University in 1979. Read the rest of this entry »

Helen Sawatsky

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Helen Sawatsky 1686760Title: President

Company: CUPE Local 4777

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

While working in the private sector, Helen Sawatsky realized that employees didn’t have the rights they should have. She decided to go into a union job, took a nursing course and found she has a passion for the contract side. Ms. Sawatsky decided she wanted to represent others, and address their needs and benefits of being a good employee. She started as a facility vice president for 11 years and then became the vice president of the CUPE Local 4777, the Canadian Union of Public Employees. She was recently promoted to president.

Ms. Sawatsky’s passion for defending the rights of others has made her an advocate for public workers throughout Canada. She is a natural born leader who deeply believes that workers’ safety should be a high priority and they should be treated fairly in the workplace. As the president of the local, Ms. Sawatsky is responsible for fighting for the rights of employees, listening to members’ concerns, representing members in local 4777, bargaining for collective, serving as a national facilitator for CUPE, and facilitating workshops for members of CUPE. She also serves as a PART Trainer for Prince Albert Parkland Health Region, stands up for workers’ rights, negotiates collective agreements, and wages benefits.  Read the rest of this entry »