Barbara Blackett

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Barbara BlackettTitle: Lead Consultant

Company: Barbara Blackett Consulting

Location: Stoney Creek, ON, Canada

Barbara Blackett works directly with all accounting and financial clients, ensuring consistently accurate and timely reporting and filing. She has worked in this industry for more than 20 years and has serviced small, medium and large clients across many industries. Read the rest of this entry »


Colin Wheldon James

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Colin James 1775203Title: Director

Company: Pastoral Audiobooks

Location: United Kingdom

Colin Wheldon James’ passion for history and storytelling prompted him to establish Pastoral Audiobooks, an audiobooks and CD production company. The company’s products focus on historical topics, giving detailed accounts of people and events, as well as general overviews. Mr. James has been involved in the field for 16 years and has been growing and building Pastoral Audiobooks over the past two years. Read the rest of this entry »

Martin O’Neill

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Martin O'Neill 1784311Title: Freelance Publisher

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Martin O’Neill entered the publishing industry more than 40 years ago due to his interest in the field. He has worked in variety of high-level capacities before venturing out on his own and becoming a freelance publisher. Throughout the industry, Mr. O’Neill has garnered a reputation for being passionate about protecting intellectual property rights. In ISO, he was known as “Mr. Positive,” due to the constructive approach he takes to problem-solving. He has on two occasions rescued publications operations from administrative chaos and earned the nickname “Mr. Fix-It.” Read the rest of this entry »

William Eliason

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LogoTitle: Director

Company: National Defense University Press

Location: Washington D.C.

Dr. William Eliason is a combat-decorated military officer who successfully transitioned to a career as a leader in joint professional military education and leader development, publishing and civilian graduate education. Dr. Eliason has been serving in his position for the past four years and has been fairly successful in expanding the reach for the Joint Force Quarterly journal to reach over 500,000 people, mostly online, during a time where publishing seems to be declining. His main goal is to expand the real and to impact to a much broader audience. Read the rest of this entry »