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Stelian-Doru Ticsa

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Title: President

Company: TIMMES, Inc.

Location: St. Petersburg, FL, United States

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience, Stelian-Doru Ticsa dedicates his proficiency in the medical profession to TIMMES, Inc. TIMMES, Inc. is a health care company that specializes in teleradiology services, which began to solve the inefficiencies and time-lag in the transmission of data-intensive medical images by U.S. military personnel. Dr. Ticsa joined the company nearly two decades ago and in his role enhances the successful performance and growth. In addition, he oversees the application of the software. Read the rest of this entry »


John Milligan

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Milligan, John 1961631Title: Vice President of Research and Development

Company: Twincraft Skincare

Location: Middlebury, VT, United States

John Milligan is noted for his longevity in the cosmetics industry. Combining a background in chemistry with entrepreneurial skills, he is responsible for overseeing all formulation of products, packaging development, regulatory services and operations. Mr. Milligan is also responsible for traveling to introduce the company’s new product lines, which includes specialty soaps and skin care products. He has lead the strategic diversification of the business from a bar soap manufacturer to a custom liquid and bar soap strategic partner to select brands. Read the rest of this entry »

Rob Moir, Ph.D.

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Moir, Rob 1060466Title: President and Executive Director

Company: Ocean River Institute

Location: Cambridge, MA

As the President and Executive Director of a nonprofit environmental organization, Dr. Moir has a proven history of institutional management and marine policy success. He coordinates with local, regional and international groups to help save oceans, rivers and watersheds, and maintains a network of Ocean River Institute partners so he can connect them with resources and services to maximize their impact. An educator, scientist and activist, Dr. Moir attributes his success to his collaborative leadership and organizational management skills. He has dedicated his more than 40-year career to his passion for protecting clean water and healthy ecosystems. With a variety of accomplishments throughout his career, his greatest highlight was initiating bioregional and ecosystem-based collaborative management, an engaged constituency of citizens, scientists, and eco-savvy residents to improve the life-qualities of specific places. He made known a portion on the north shore of the Massachusetts Bay as “Salem Sound,” and brought together six municipalities to manage in concert. He also led a successful initiative to educate and broaden a constituency in Massachusetts supportive of comprehensive area-based management of state coastal waters.

Dr. Moir has lead efforts to clean up Salem Sound and Boston Harbor and is the former president of various advocacy organizations, including Salem Sound Harbor Monitors, Salem Sound 2000, and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. He was a curator of natural history at the Peabody Essex Museum, a curator of education at the New England Aquarium, and an executive director of the Discovery Museums in Acton, MA. He was Sea Education Association’s first assistant scientist to work consecutive voyages aboard the Research Vessel Westward in 1979 and 1980. In order to attain a better quality of life for humans and wildlife, Dr. Moir hosts an internet talk podcast free on iTunes: Moir’s Environmental Dialogues, Ocean River Shields of Achilles. Dr. Moir intends to further engage citizens and families as eco-stewards to create clean and healthy environments. He also hopes to see an increase in responsible regulations by the government to help manage natural resources, including oceans, rivers and watersheds. Read the rest of this entry »

Koen Berden

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LogoTitle: Managing Director

Company: Ecorys

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Eager to make a difference in the world, Dr. Koen G. Berden pursued a career in economics, and international trade and development. Dr. Berden has garnered extensive experience n the field and first joined Ecorys, a research and consulting company, in 2006. Ecorys provides analysis and advice, consulting and interim management, program management and deliver, and research services.

Dr. Berden is admired by his peers and clients for his competitiveness and for his knowledge of international trade issues. In his role, he is responsible for managing projects and the commercial strategic team. He also creates the vision for the company and works with international clients. Dr. Berden takes great pride in his work and is eager to assist Ecorys in achieving its business goals. He joined Ecorys as a senior consultant and worked his way up to partner, EU27 market director, and commercial director. Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel Ebner

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LogoTitle: 1) Chief Executive Officer 2) Consultant

Company: 1) GE Institut 2) Valcoba

Location: Switzerland

Daniel Ebner is the chief executive officer of the GE Institut, an agrophysical technology company that provides biophysical solutions for the optimization of food production, and a consultant for Valcoba, a consultancy that provides quality management consulting services. Mr. Ebner started the GE Institut in 1999 and continues to run the company and develop the staff while working for Valcoba.

Prior to assuming his current roles, Mr. Ebner worked in a variety of positions in pathology and drug development. He started his career as a lab specialist at Ciba-Geigy AG and served in that position for nine years before being promoted to lab leader and drug utilization service leader. Mr. Ebner then worked for Novartis Pharma AG as the global system operations team leader, CEO for ASP Pharma AG, and head PBC and head of computer system validation for Arcondis AG. Read the rest of this entry »

Goze Bertin Bénié

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Goze Bertin Benie 1635291Title: President

Company: Geoimage Solutions, Inc.

Location: Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

Goze Bertin Bénié was working as a professor of applied geomatics at Sherbrooke University in Quebec, Canada when he was asked by the university to create the Geoimage Solutions, Inc. for the commercialization of products and services developed from the research and development conducted at the university. The company was established 13 years ago and specializes in geography and remote-sensing and teledetection.

Mr. Bénié has garnered 27 years of experience and is known for his expert knowledge and deep understanding of geodetic science, remote sensing, the conception and development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and spatial modeling and the development of conceptual models and prototypes of GIS. In his current role, Mr. Bénié is responsible for managing a team of 10 in-house master’s and Ph.D. level professionals working on various geographic information systems projects and up to 30 consultants at a time focused on projects internationally. He also responds to proposals, and oversees project development and implementation. For his exceptional work throughout his career, Mr. Bénié earned the Emeritus Immigrant Research Award in 2008 and a medal from the Association of Vietnamese Geographers. Read the rest of this entry »