Giuseppe “Joseph” Rossano

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Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: L’Aquila Electronic Systems Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

As an expert in security with 30 years of experience, Giuseppe “Joseph” Rossano has carved out a successful home security business servicing the Toronto area. Specializing in outfitting residential and commercial sites with security systems and updating and repair, L’Aquila Electronic Systems Inc., has provided top-quality services since 1993. As Mr. Rossano sets the company’s vision and strategy, he works toward developing new business and maintaining existing relationships. His focus is on his customers and their satisfaction, and he is hands on in the process as he takes service calls to ensure that each job is performed with the highest level of regard.  Read the rest of this entry »


Boguslaw Bob Maslanka

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Maslanka, Boguslaw 2054831Title: Director

Company: Avi Nardia Kapap Academy

Location: Mississauga, ON, Canada

Mr. Maslanka is honored for his professional success, directing self-defense and security company Avi Nardia Kapap Academy for five years. With a total of 15 years of experience, he handles the business administration, contracts, scheduling, accounting and business trip arrangements. The Academy provides courses for security companies, departments, law enforcement agencies, military and civilians interested in upgrading their knowledge and capabilities in the field. The training system is a well-established curriculum based on live exercises and simulations.

When Mr. Maslanka first arrived in Ontario, he had one dollar to his name. Learning from life experiences and an apprenticeship to a master plumber, he has developed a successful business since then. Fueled by a childhood dream to be a martial artist, he recognized in order to accomplish this dream he was responsible for getting there. In addition to Avi Nardia Kapap Academy, Mr. Maslanka owns and operates Accurate Building Maintenance. This company provides all services for plumbing, heating and air conditioning to condominiums in Ontario. This is a 24/7 company and requires his knowledge of business and employee management, team mentoring and customer satisfaction. Read the rest of this entry »

Scott O’Driscoll

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O'Driscoll, Scott 1766977Title: Global Security Operations and Risk Management

Company: Macquarie

Location: Narara, Australia

Narara, Australia, October 13, 2015, An expert in security risk management and security investigation, Mr. O’Driscoll brings with him nearly 35 years of professional experience to Macquarie, a security consultancy focused on governmental and corporate clients. In his role, he develops strategies for security, hazard and safety risk, while also designing electronic and physical security solutions. Mr. O’Driscoll is a certified protection professional, an SCEC endorsed security zone consultant and he holds certificates in fraud control, intelligence and investigations. Successful because of his multidiscipline experience, Mr. O’Driscoll intends to maintain his reputation as one of the leading security professionals in Australia, while working toward the responsibility of high-security projects overseas.

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Ron Hyggen

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Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Athabasca Basin Security

Location: Corman Park, SK, Canada

Ron Hyggen has always been a hard worker, and his ambition and diligence has been something that has paid off for him over the course of an illustrious career in the public service sector. For more than 16 years, Mr. Hyggen has been nurturing a growing skill set, which encompasses an abundance of leadership skills that have thrust him into the forefront of the industry. Read the rest of this entry »

Steve Kettle

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Stephen Kettle 1508262Title: Chief Executive Officer, Principal Consultant

Company: Counter-Terrorist Training, Advice and Planning (C-TAP)

Location: Colchester, United Kingdom

Stephen Kettle is a highly regarded counter-terrorism professional who specializes in IED search team training, procedures for person-search, search of vehicles, all types of buildings and structures, venues, conferences, airports, hotels and public spaces, predictive behavior profiling, and security questioning. In his current capacity with Counter-Terrorist Training, Advice and Planning (C-TAP), he is in charge of designing procedure and planning reception for aircraft and hijackings, training people, and utilizing his multidiscipline counter-terrorism experience to further safety and security in the private sector around the world. Mr. Kettle is also contracted by high-end companies for anti-terrorism and security plans. Read the rest of this entry »