Frank M. Hinrichs

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Hinrichs, Frank 1772674Company: Ang’ata Camps and Safari

Title: Director, Founder

Location: Uccle, Belgium

Mr. Hinrichs is passionate about offering the best possible hospitality services at affordable prices in Tanzania. He is the founder and director of Ang’ata Camps, which are unique mobile camps comprised of fully equipped tents with running hot water, toilets and showers. Mr. Hinrichs is committed to ensuring the highest quality services at Ang’ata Camps’ three locations. Each location consists of 12 guest tents that are individually solar-powered and contain a bedroom and en-suite bathroom. There is also a lounge and dining tent at each location. Read the rest of this entry »


Bill Sheppard

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Bill Sheppard 1650341Title: Managing Director

Company:  World Travellers

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

William “Bill” Sheppard began his illustrious career working for Singapore Airlines in the ticket office as a reservations supervisor. He worked in that position for nearly four years before transitioning to a different aspect of the travel industry. He joined Best Travel Limited in 1986 an eventually purchased the business from its founder in 2001. Read the rest of this entry »

Glen A.V. Beache

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Glen Beache 1459609Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: SVG Tourism Authority

Location: Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Glen A.V. Beache is a highly regarded professional who has worked in government capacities before becoming the CEO of SVG Tourism Authority, a national tourism agency that provides clients with a wide range of hospitality services. Mr. Beache was the minister of the government in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for eight years, and held the position of junior minister of transportation. These past experiences have shaped him into the knowledgeable and innovative leader his is today. An expert in marketing and public relations, Mr. Beache is responsible for ensuring company standards, managing tourism and investments in the country, and handling negotiations with international airlines. He attributes his success to his hard work, patience and willingness to learn. Looking toward the future, Mr. Beache hopes to gain more experience in the field and travel to more destinations. Read the rest of this entry »

Sheila Kemp

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LogoTitle: President

Company: Kemp Travel Group

Location: Ontario, Canada

Sheila Kemp gained an interest in the travel industry and decided to study the subject in school. She received a diploma in tourism and transportation at Sir Sanford Fleming College in 1975 and has been working in the industry ever since. Well respected in her field, Ms. Kemp established her own travel agency in 1982 in order to better serve clients by accommodating all their needs and wants. Her agency works with a variety of clients looking for corporate and leisure travel, as well as trips around the world and yoga retreats. Her full-service agency employs the most qualified travel consultants who have extensive experience traveling the world. Ms. Kemp is also well travelled having been to Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South and Central America, China, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Her passion for planning trips has enabled her to drive the success of her company and garner a strong reputation within the field.  Read the rest of this entry »

Björn Ellestad

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Bjorn Ellestad 1786969Title: Owner

Company: The Nordic Lounge

Location: Bandhagen, Sweden

Björn Ellestad has loved traveling since he was a child and decided early on to pursue a career in the field. After gaining more than 30 years of industry experience, Mr. Ellestad ventured out on his own and established The Nordic Lounge, a travel consultancy that provides large-scale solutions and communications services.

The company’s services also include development and project management for business enterprises, such as event planning for conferences, marketing for special events, and product development and testing. Additionally, The Nordic Lounge maintains multiple professional partnerships with organizations, such as notable hotels, transportation providers and graphic design firms, in order to meet clients’ specific needs. Read the rest of this entry »