Giuseppe “Joseph” Rossano

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Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: L’Aquila Electronic Systems Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

As an expert in security with 30 years of experience, Giuseppe “Joseph” Rossano has carved out a successful home security business servicing the Toronto area. Specializing in outfitting residential and commercial sites with security systems and updating and repair, L’Aquila Electronic Systems Inc., has provided top-quality services since 1993. As Mr. Rossano sets the company’s vision and strategy, he works toward developing new business and maintaining existing relationships. His focus is on his customers and their satisfaction, and he is hands on in the process as he takes service calls to ensure that each job is performed with the highest level of regard.  Read the rest of this entry »


William James Hogg

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Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: JACO Group

Location: Red Deer, AB, Canada

Red Deer, AB, November 19, 2015, For 33 years, Mr. Hogg has been recognized as a leader in the utilities industry. The owner of JACO Group, he takes great pride in the diversified services offered by his experienced team of professionals. From energized pole change to annual maintenance programs, he works across Alberta on a number of large and small projects. Mr. Hogg specializes in energized transformer oil extraction for PCB analysis; he is also incredibly knowledgeable on the environmental side of the utilities industry.

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Johanne Dufresne

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Johanne Dufresne 1668130Title: Project Management Specialist

Company: Hydro-Québec

Location: Varennes, QC, Canada

Inspired by her father and desiring to utilize her expertise in science and mathematics, and educational background, Johanna Dufresne entered the engineering field. She has garnered 22 years of experience and has spent the last six years serving as a project management specialist at Hydro-Québec, an electricity generator, transmitter and distributor.

Ms. Dufresne handles a myriad of responsibilities in her current role. She manages a portfolio of 20 to 40 projects, including project management, risk management, procurement management and financial control, handles administration of all contracts, drafts recommendations to senior management for obtaining budgets, oversees engineering projects and research and development projects, and defines and writes technical specifications. Read the rest of this entry »

Lars Abinante

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Lara Abinante 1501036Title: Director

Company: Sharyland Utilities L.P.

Location: Midland, TX, United States

Since February 2012, Lars Abinante has been serving as the director of one of the largest electric and gas utility companies in the United States. Mr. Abinante’s 30 years of experience in the electric utility industry and background in transmission electric and distribution make him an invaluable asset to Sharyland Utilities L.P. As director, Mr. Abinante is tasked with handling emergency responses to electric outages, serving as IC in OEC operations, overseeing logistics, resources and assessment groups, conducting field observations in regard to quality, work and safety, and delegating work to employees from various departments, both on a routine basis and during emergency operations.

Mr. Abinante started his career as a foreman in general construction at North Hydro, which is part of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. He spent 28 years working for the company where he was responsible for managing multimillion-dollar contracts, supervising distribution crews and electric contractors, writing electric maintenance contracts and inspecting contractors’ work. Over the years, Mr. Abinante served as the company’s lineman inspector, journeyman lineman, electric distribution estimator, quality assurance G.O. 95, 128 and 165 specialist, construction distribution supervisor, and electric distribution supervisor. He was recognized for placing emphasis on safety and maintained a record of zero injuries and incidents during his tenure at the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Mr. Abinante also repeatedly exceeded yearly targets while staying within his company’s budget. While highly accomplished, he feels the most gratifying aspect of his profession is serving the customers and providing them with safe, reliable utilities. Read the rest of this entry »