Robin Johansen

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Robin Johansen 1619377Title: Chief Information Officer

Company: Beca Corporate Holdings Ltd

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Robin Johansen is a technology and systems consulting veteran who has garnered 42 years of experience throughout his illustrious career. An expert in various subjects, including governance, procurement, systems engineering, and risk management, Mr. Johansen joined Beca in 2000. Beca is a professional services consulting company that provides a wide range of engineering consulting services. As the CIO, he is responsible for handling strategic development and management of the ICT function for Beca’s global interests across China, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

A highly accomplished individual, Mr. Johansen has achieved great success in working on high profile projects and solving problems. He is extremely proud of the part he played in the delivery of a complex, multi-year project valued at $1.2 billion. Due to Mr. Johansen’s leadership, vast knowledge and industry skills, the project was delivered within budget and only slightly behind the original schedule. Aside from his work at Beca, Mr. Johansen is also a company director for two hi-tech companies.  Read the rest of this entry »


Dr. Jodi Adamson

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Jodi Adamson 168929Title: Staff Pharmacist

Company: Kmart Pharmacy

Location: Prattville, AL, United States

Dr. Jodi F. Adamson is a 15-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry and has been working at Kmart Pharmacy for the past 13. As a pharmacist, Dr. Adamson fills and dispenses prescriptions, counsels customers, and provides them with the highest quality customer service. She gets great satisfaction out of her work and prides herself on always meeting and exceeding the customers’ expectations.

A talented writer, Dr. Adamson taps into her creative side and develops beautifully written and structured poems. She has published work in numerous literary magazines, wrote “Steampunk Alchemy” in the “Dreams of Steam III Gadgets” anthology published by Kerlak Publishing in 2013, and has two short stories featured in the anthology “It was a Dark and Stormy Night,” by Joyce A. Norman. Dr. Adamson also penned the “The Ten Commandments For Pharmacists” in 2010, which is illustrated by Stacey Hopson and can be purchased at the Xlibris bookstore website. Dr. Adamson’s other work, including Gadgets and numerous anthologies can be purchased on Amazon and various online bookstores.

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Kieran Connole

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LogoTitle: Director

Company: ANJ Construction Ltd.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Influenced by his father, Kieran Connole made the decision to pursue a career in carpentry. He realized he had a knack for the field and has honed his skills in construction and carpentry for the past 33 years. Mr. Connole is a creative problem solver who draws on his strong skill set and strategic thinking abilities to provide clients of ANJ Construction Ltd. with the highest quality products and services.

As the director of the full-service construction company, which specializes in a range of disciplines from stone masonry to landscape design, Mr. Connole is responsible for informing and consulting with clients, attending meetings, training apprentices, and networking for new business. Mr. Connole joined ANJ Construction in January 2009, and has introduced new processes and standardized operations in order to make the company run more efficiently and effectively. Read the rest of this entry »

Judith Hynes

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Judith Hynes 1619241Title: President & Chief Executive Officer

Company: Hynes Accounting Inc.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Judith M. R. Hynes is a customer service expert who has garnered 38 years of professional experience. Serving as the president and CEO of Hynes Accounting Inc. for the past 24 years, Ms. Hynes prides herself on providing customers with the highest quality accounting and bookkeeping services.

She helps her clients prepare for audits and is always present when her clients receive government and accountant audits. Ms. Hynes also hires employees and trains others on accounting software. For her exceptional work, she earned the Mayor’s Recognition on Canada Day. Read the rest of this entry »

Helen Campbell

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Helen Campbell 1425723Title: Registered Professional Homeopath

Company: Private Practice

Location: Armadale, United Kingdom

Helen Campbell gained an interest in homeopathy after she saw how it helped her daughters with their disabilities. This led her to train in the subject on local, national and international levels. Today, Ms. Campbell has garnered 40 years of professional experience, with 23 years in her current position.  As a registered professional homeopath, Ms. Campbell volunteers with several small charities and shares her knowledge of classical homeopathy with others.

For her work, Ms. Campbell was honored as a fellow in the Science and Technology Division for the Royal Scottish Society of Arts. She also keeps abreast of changes in the field through her affiliation with the Society of Homeopaths, The Scientific Medical Network, Scientific and Medical Network, and Institute of Directors, UK. Read the rest of this entry »

Peter Broad, P.Eng.

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Peter Broad 1644461Title: Team Leader, Principal Metallurgist

Company: BBA Inc.

Location: Quebec, Canada

With 40 years of industry experience, Peter J. Broad, P.Eng. gained a reputation as a strong leader whose knowledge of metals and skills in engineering are unmatched. Mr. Broad is highly skilled in:

  • Precious metal extractions
  • Environmental risk reduction
  • Tailings facility management
  • Site clean-up and remediation
  • Pyrometallurgical processing of copper, nickel and gold
  • Pressure leaching of base metals, solvent extraction and electroplating of metals Read the rest of this entry »

Thomas Lecakis, RN, CPAN

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Thomas Lecakis 1075768Title: Staff Nurse for the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Perianesthesia Nurse Educator

Company: Penobscot Bay Medical Center

Location: Rockport, ME, United States

Thomas Lecakis is a registered nurse and certified perianesthesia nurse who has been working in the health care industry for 40 years. He had an interest in science and was inspired by his mother to become a nurse, as she worked in the same profession. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in all areas of nursing, but is recognized for his superior skills and knowledge of perianesthesia nursing.

An expert in patient care, Mr. Lecakis joined the Penobscot Bay Medical Center’s staff 23 years ago and has become a leader at the facility. He takes great pride in his work and always goes above and beyond for his patients. As a staff nurse and educator, Mr. Lecakis is responsible for directing care for patients recovering from anesthesia in the postoperative recovery room, assisting and training the nursing staff members, preparing patients for surgery, and monitoring patients while under anesthesia. He also conducts workshops on perianesthesia and related topics. Read the rest of this entry »

Germain Denis

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Germain Denis 34986Title:

Company:  G. Denis MA

Location: Quebec, Canada

Interested in the great trends and forces that shape society, Germain Denis made the decision to pursue a career in the public sector. Over the course of his illustrious career, he garnered 42 years of experience and served in a variety of positions. Known for his strengths in food and grain market analysis, he has been tasked with monitoring international grain agreements regarding trade and food aid conventions, attending conferences with government and industry leaders, and monitoring and conducting analysis of international food and grain markets. Mr. Denis also promotes measures to enhance the food security of developing countries, and furthers international trade liberalization reforms. Read the rest of this entry »

Kevin Berland

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LogoTitle: President

Company: GSA Sales Inc.

Location: Birmingham, AL, United States

Soon after Kevin Berland graduated from Kansas University with a Bachelor of Science in business administration, he was accepted into the Wire Rope Corporation of America’s elite training program. He gained hands-on experience of the manufacturing industry and has progressed in the field ever since. Today, he has amassed 29 years of professional experience and serves as the president of GSA Sales Inc., a business consulting company that provides services in independent sales for manufacturers, including territory expansion, sales techniques, product and industry knowledge, and client relations. An expert business manager and leader, Mr. Berland is tasked with developing relationships with distributors across the territories of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Read the rest of this entry »

Kimberly Lane

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Kim Higgins Lane 1192867Title: Store Owner (Retired)

Company: McDonald’s

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Kimberly Lane was a second generation owner of one of the most famous and most popular fast food chains in the world. She began working for McDonald’s as a part-time employee after graduating from high school. Ms. Lane enjoyed the variety of being in an industry where each day is always different and made the decision to stay on and establish a career with the company.

For more than 12 years, she worked tirelessly to ensure her customers ate the highest quality food and that her business experienced profitability. Ms. Lane also improved the restaurant’s cash flow and managed the daily operations. She was successful in doubling her facility’s cash flow. Read the rest of this entry »

Julie E. Faulkner, M.Sc.

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60e6c0b31bcf42b3ba5f7ec5d7d0fdd9Title: Clinical Project Management Director

Company: Quintiles

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Julie Faulkner’s fascination with medicine led to her decision to pursue a career within the pharmaceutical industry. Today, she has 21 years of industry experience and has become an integral member of Quintiles’ staff. Quintiles is one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies that focuses on development and commercial outsourcing services. In her position for the past 12 years, Ms. Faulkner is responsible for conducting global clinical trials, managing programs for clients, working in the biotechnology sector with drugs and devices, and running clinical trials.

Ms. Faulkner is a highly accomplished professional who is noted for launching new drugs into the market. She has worked on clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and diabetes, and has made great strides in helping to save and improve the quality of life for the people taking the drugs she works on. Ms. Faulkner’s ultimate goal is to find a cure for cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

Claude Labrecque

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LogoTitle: President

Company: DBN Studios

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Claude Labrecque founded DBN Studios nine years ago with the intention of creating a one-stop shop for clients’ Web, video, film, and high-end webcasting needs. The film and Web production company provides a variety of outlets to produce and stream content of the Internet and help their clients gain an online presence. DBN Studios employs the best and brightest designers who excel in video and photographic manipulation and have mastered the cinematic approach. Read the rest of this entry »

Tessa M. Szwagierczak

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Tessa Szwagierczak 1608600Title: Sole Practitioner

Company: Tessa Szwagierczak Professional Corporation

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Tessa Szwagierczak always harbored a passion for small businesses, and thought it wasn’t fair that there were many firms that did not have the time or want to help them develop their business. Eight years ago, Ms. Szwagierczak decided to open an accounting practice that would help small businesses with their administration and financial needs. Tessa Szwagierczak Professional Corporation is a one-stop shop for financial needs, including accounting, payroll and tax services. The company is known for its ability to alleviate the administrative duties for clients and for providing “more than just the numbers.” Read the rest of this entry »

Nicola Filosa

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Nicola Filosa 1690220Title: Chief Financial Officer

Company: Vacations 7 Resorts International

Location: Ontario, Canada

A master at interacting with people and building strong partnerships, Nicola Filosa is an invaluable asset to Vacations 7 Resorts International, a vacation agency that offers apartment rentals in Turks & Caicos and Canada. Mr. Filosa has garnered 30 years of professional experience and has been in his current position for the past three years. A trusted adviser, he handles a myriad of responsibilities. Mr. Filosa oversees daily business operations, including marketing, financial forecasting, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, public relations, and vacation rentals and excursions. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Pat Hartwell

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Title: Principal Associate

Company: pH Acid Test Training

Location: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Ms. Hartwell set up her own company after teaching numerous academic and professional courses, including those to facilitate the attainment of MBAs, the DMS and first degrees, at higher education institutions. She is much in demand at conferences with a reputation for amusing and thought provoking presentations. She has designed and delivered training programs for clients such as NATO Deputy Secretary Generals, the ICC, Eurojust, the OSCE, EPO, Fedex and Hay Consulting Group. In total, she has gained almost 40 years of experience in the field of education and training. Read the rest of this entry »

Tony Seaman

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Title: Group Sales and Marketing Director

Company: Attraction World

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Tony Seaman brings exceptional problem-solving abilities to his position as group sales and marketing director at Attraction World, a ticket broker for theme parks, sightseeing tours, and attractions around the globe. Working in Attraction World’s Birmingham, UK office, Mr. Seaman carries out marketing and business development efforts and oversees ticket sales to more than 5,000 attractions in 32 countries. He also works to maintain relations with the company’s suppliers.  Read the rest of this entry »

David Millen

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Title: 1) President, Chief Operating Officer 2) Managing Partner

Company: 1) Powerbev Inc. and Pur Brands Inc. 2) BMR Management, Inc

Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Millen is a very successful national account executive who has worked with major brands since leaving the University of Guelph 20 years ago. He has worked with Frito Lay, Cadbury, Schweppes and Red Bull. He is known for market distribution, national account management, and employee engagement. He has the skill to hire high potential employees and develop progressive relationships with clients. Read the rest of this entry »

Gayle Kingswood

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KingswoodTitle: Director

Company: G Energy Management Consultants LTD

Location: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Mrs. Kingswood is a self-driven professional with over four years of experience in her field. For the last year, she has owned and operated G Energy Management Consultants LTD, an energy consulting company for small and medium-sized businesses. She has set up her company to manage clients’ gas and electric contracts, ensure them the best rates, and generate substantial savings. Utilizing her expertise in contracts, she negotiates best market rates for her clients and offers a follow-up management service which includes transfer of supply, managing billing and pricing issues, hands in letter of termination, renewals, group contracts and does a full analysis to ensure clients are on the appropriate meter for their business consumption. Read the rest of this entry »