Edward Joseph Elias

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Title: 1) Executive 2) Priest 3) Owner, Artist

Company: 1) Royal Canadian Legion -Orangeville 2) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 3) Elias Art Studios

Location: Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

Edward Joseph Elias is a professional with many talents, providing services in support of veterans, religious services, as well as running an art studio. His ability to manage his roles as an executive, a priest, a business owner and artist come from his love to follow his passions. As an executive for the Royal Canadian Legion –Orangeville, Mr. Elias organizes all events for veterans. As a priest, he is responsible for providing various services for the church and its members. As the owner of an art studio, Mr. Elias displays, donates and sells artwork.

Mr. Elias became ordained to the office of Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by Michael Morton in 2015. In his position, he blesses the sacrament, manages the administration, provides education for family members, performs baptism and teaches a group within the church. Also known for his ability to resolve conflicts, his professionalism aides the veteran nonprofit organization, the Royal Canadian Legion, in Orangeville. Mr. Elias is a humanitarian and strongly believes honesty and trust are vital for people. As an artist and the owner of Elias Art Studio, he has found a way to bring amazing art into the lives of people in the Orangeville, Ontario area. Offering painting and art classes, commissioned and original fine art, the Elias Art Studio is dedicated to providing customers with beautiful and high quality work. As a testament to Mr. Elias’ philanthropic endeavors, the studio also donates artwork. Read the rest of this entry »


Christopher Potter

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Title: Director of Technical Production

Company: Opera Australia

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Christopher Potter has been involved in music since he was a child. He started playing violin at the age of 7. After moving to Australia, he realized that there was not much of a market for musicians, so he moved into the production side of theater and started working on the musical set of Hair. Ever since then, he has experienced a terrific ride through the production, mechanical, technical side of the industry. In his current role, Mr. Potter is responsible for helping Opera Australia in enriching Australia’s cultural life with exceptional opera, and presenting opera that excites audiences and sustains and develops the art form nationally. Read the rest of this entry »

Andreas Pawlitschek

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LogoTitle: Director

Company: Austrian Cultural Forum

Location: Washington D.C., United States

Andreas Pawlitschek has an extensive background in government administration, starting with a military appointment in 1980 as First Lieutenant in the Austrian Army. Prior to his current position, he served as an attaché and counselor of cultural affairs for the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, and he was the head of the division of cultural public relations for the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Pawlitschek has 33 years of professional experience and joined the Austrian Cultural Forum, which provides a cultural exchange between Austrians/Europeans and Americans, as well as cultural events including concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, theater, lectures, panel discussions and symposia, this past year. He brings his knowledge of international relations, public policy and European politics to his current post, and is instrumental in driving the success of the forum. His goal is to raise awareness for Austria and the Austrian culture. Read the rest of this entry »