Sylvia Lindsay-Payton

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Sylvia Lindsay-Payton 1811075Title: Registered Nurse, Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

Company: North York General

Location: Ontario, Canada

Sylvia R. Lindsay-Payton has admired nurses since her childhood. Throughout her 31-year career as a nurse, she has worked in all areas of health care except maternity, and has worked in mental health care since 1994. An expert counselor, Ms. Lindsay-Payton spends her days leading the Mental Health Day Treatment Program at the hospital, conducting assessments on all referred patients, running a group program, entering each patient into a suitable group, and coordinating the program and overseeing its day-to-day operations. Ms. Lindsay-Payton provides patients with interpersonal therapy, and is able to connect with people on different levels. It allows others to open up to her and for her to help her patients solve their issues. Ms. Lindsay-Payton attributes her success to her ambition to strive for the best and for excellence, as well as her desire to help others. She enjoys people and clinical work. Looking toward the future, she aims to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Read the rest of this entry »


Ricardo Lillo

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LogoTitle: President & Chief Executive Officer

Company: DOOR Group S.A.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Ricardo Lillo is an internationally recognized professional who has worked in training, consulting and coaching for the past 33 years. For the past 11, he has served as the president and CEO of DOOR Group S.A., a results-based training and development solutions provider that offers a wide range of training, assessment, consulting, coaching, e-learning and mobile learning services. The company offers training in more than 93 countries and 23 languages.

An expert in management and leadership, Mr. Lillo prides himself on always putting his clients’ needs first and ensuring their satisfaction. In his positions, he is responsible for overseeing the staff and business, acquiring new clients, meeting with current clients, searching for new branches, and managing profit and loss. Mr. Lillo worked as a manager for the company for many years. When the company went up for sale, he and some fellow employees decided to buy it. He is very proud of the company’s progress since he purchased it. Read the rest of this entry »