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Frederic Alexandre Weinberg

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Weinberg, Frederic 1782143Title: Chairman

Company: Financière HighGate SA

Location: La Conversion, Switzerland

After working in the private banking industry, Frederic Alexandre Weinberg transitioned his skills into investment management. Since 2012, he has served as the chairman of Financière HighGate SA, an investment management company that offers financial transaction and wealth management services. A seasoned professional in private banking, investments and market research, Mr. Weinberg manages operations and makes private asset management decisions.

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Scott O’Driscoll

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O'Driscoll, Scott 1766977Title: Global Security Operations and Risk Management

Company: Macquarie

Location: Narara, Australia

Narara, Australia, October 13, 2015, An expert in security risk management and security investigation, Mr. O’Driscoll brings with him nearly 35 years of professional experience to Macquarie, a security consultancy focused on governmental and corporate clients. In his role, he develops strategies for security, hazard and safety risk, while also designing electronic and physical security solutions. Mr. O’Driscoll is a certified protection professional, an SCEC endorsed security zone consultant and he holds certificates in fraud control, intelligence and investigations. Successful because of his multidiscipline experience, Mr. O’Driscoll intends to maintain his reputation as one of the leading security professionals in Australia, while working toward the responsibility of high-security projects overseas.

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Wolfgang Kruning

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Wolfgang Kruning 1703982Title:  Vice President of Institutional Business Development

Company: Sentry Investments

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Wolfgang G. Kruning began working for Sentry Investments when it was established in 1997. The company provides clients with wealth management services and is recognized as one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing independent asset management companies. Mr. Kruning steadily progressed up the company’s ranks over the years, holding positions with increasing responsibility, and was promoted to his current role six years ago. An expert in sales and dealer relations, Mr. Kruning is responsible for opening channels with distribution networks and overseeing pension plans.

Prior to joining Sentry, Mr. Kruning started his career as a pension trust officer for Montreal Trust. He worked for the company for 15 years before becoming the vice president of State Street Trust Company, Canada. His varied background enabled him to gain experience working in financial services and capital markets, as well as in investment management. Mr. Kruning draws on his strong skill set and industry knowledge to assist Sentry in gaining recognition for its services on an international level. He attributes his success to his patience, persistence, consistency, reliability and professional nature.

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