Dr. Dale Layman

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Layman, Dale 1956238Title: Author, Speaker, Visionary Thinker in the Sciences

Company: Robowatch, LLC

Location: Joliet, IL, United States

Dale Layman has been involved with human rights advocacy since 1999, after reading several scientific articles detailing the invasive progression of technology that is a growing threat to organic life. Concerned with this, Dr. Layman works as an author and speaker to raise awareness of this problem. In order to inform society, he maintains a blog and reports on developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. Over the course of the next few years, Dr. Layman endeavors to make his findings from his research in the field of robotics better known and salient to the public.

Dr. Layman earned a Bachelor of Science in anthropology and zoology from the University of Michigan in 1971. He continued to earn a Master of Science in physiology from the university’s medical school in 1974. From there, he received a Ph.D. in health and safety studies from the University of Illinois in 1986, and in 2003 earned another Ph.D. from the European Academy of Information and World Information Distributed University. His latest degree is a Ph.D. in medicine from WIDU. In addition, he became an educational specialist in physiology and health science from Ball State University in 1979. Read the rest of this entry »


John Stephen Thompson

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Thompson, John Steven 1830933Title: Fiction Writer

Company: Thompson Books

Location: Kirkfield, ON, Canada

A retired microbiologist, Mr. Thompson was inspired to pick up the pen after traveling to Kosova with his wife. From that experience, he wrote his first novel “The Aftermath.” In 2005, he published his fathers’ World War II memoir “Bomber Crew.” Despite pursuing a career in microbiology, Mr. Thompson showed early leanings to the literary world, practicing his humorist style in high school essays. In addition, writing is in his blood, as his father was a newspaper editor while his grandfather was a magazine editor. Read the rest of this entry »

Gregory O’Gallagher

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greg o'gallagherTitle: President

Company: Kinobody Fitness Inc.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Gregory O’Gallagher has eight years of professional experience, with four years as the president of Kinobody Fitness Inc. Each day, he writes articles and produces podcasts on fitness, while also working with a marketing team. Mr. O’Gallagher attributes his success to his self-belief. He is progress and self-improvement oriented, so that has also helped motivate him. He became involved in fitness as a child because he decided that he wanted to be fit and healthy. Later, he became passionate about helping others achieve that same level of fitness. In years to come, Mr. O’Gallagher hopes to continue to help others achieve their goals. Read the rest of this entry »

Wanda Thompson

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Wanda Thompson 1567092Title: Proprietor, Author, Editor

Company: WPT Communications

Location: Alberta, Canada

Wanda P. Thompson has been a writer all her life. While she worked in other capacities, taxi driver, chef, secretary, waitress and school bus driver, her passion was always publishing her work. Ms. Thompson published her first article in a newspaper in 1985. Over the years, she has gained a reputation as an author and editor who write books, screenplays and articles, and who will provide editing services to other writers. Ms. Thompson’s works include:”Brian: A New Beginning,” “1924 Wembley Rodeo,” based on her grandfather’s involvement in the rodeo, “The Mighty Transformer,” “Beyond the Sunset,” “The Adventures of Princess Jasmine, and “Joy in the Journey.”  Ms. Thompson likes challenges. If there is something that she would like to do or accomplish, she learns how to do it. She takes opportunities and uses them as stepping stones. All of these skills have helped her in her career as an author. Recognized for her work, Ms. Thompson’s book “Brian: A New Beginning,” was a two-time nominee at the Global eBook Awards. She also won various literary awards throughout her 29-year career. She attributes her success to her perseverance, wanting to make a difference and using challenges as stepping stones to succeed. In the coming years, Ms. Thompson will be a better-known writer, and be speaking to groups to help people find their potential. Read the rest of this entry »

Shirley Fletcher

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Shirley Fletcher 1473926Title: Director

Company: Fletcher Consultancy

Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Shirley Fletcher’s interest in people and their development inspired her to pursue a career in training and consulting. She started Fletcher Consultancy Limited in 1993, working alone for the first year and developed to her current successful position through gradual expansion. Fletcher Consultancy is now a world-class company that has operations in various regions of Europe. It is composed of the most talented employees who help clients by providing training and consulting services. It caters to clients in the private and public sectors. Ms. Fletcher is floored by the company’s overall success, but is eager to continue growing Fletcher Consultancy. To ensure the company runs smoothly, Ms. Fletcher stays in constant contact with her clients. She works with government bodies on national development projects, manages project teams in the U.K. and Europe, acts as lead consultant with Health Education England (formerly Department of Health), to develop a complete apprenticeship development and qualification program for all support workers in health care science, and speaks at conferences. Read the rest of this entry »

Roger Hansell

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CRoger Hansellompany: Noble International University USA

Title: President

Location: Campbellville, ON, Canada

Roger Hansell has been involved in environmental projects since the 1950s. He was jointly a professor in the Institute for Environmental Studies and the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (Zoology) at the University of Toronto, Canada. Read the rest of this entry »

Christina Skytt

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Title: Founder, Top Executive Coach

Company: Power Goals Academy

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Christina Skytt began her illustrious career in international business. Even though she excelled, she had always wished she had a coach to guide her along the way. This inspired her to pursue a career in coaching and establish Power Goals Academy. Read the rest of this entry »

Gerard de Zeeuw

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LogoTitle: Professor

Company: University of Leuven

Location: Belgium

Inspired by his father and grandfather, who were both professors, Dr. Gerard de Zeeuw entered the field of academia more than 50 years ago. He is recognized for his experience and knowledge of mathematical modeling and statistics, as well as his expertise in research and methodology. In his capacity at the University of Leuven, Dr. de Zeeuw is tasked with teaching and conducting research on statistics, philosophy and methodology.

Dr. de Zeeuw spent the majority of his career working at the University of Amsterdam. He also served as director of the Center for Innovation and Cooperative Technology, in Amsterdam, and of the Lincoln Research Centre, as well as a professor of research of the University of Lincoln, and visiting professor at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside and London School of Economics. Read the rest of this entry »

Kevin Thomson

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Kevin ThomsonTitle: Joint Chief Excitement & Chief Executive Officer

Company: Ways of Work and Wellbeing

Location: Reading, United Kingdom

Kevin Thomson started his career in external marketing with brands like Action Man (U.S. GI Joe) and developing the Mr. Men product with Roger Hargreaves, the creator. He fell into the service industry and needed to motivate staff and began the UK first-ever internal-marketing programs. Mr. Thomson is the first ever internal marketer, and the only author of five books on the subject of internal marketing, with two more on the way. For the past three years, he has been serving as the chief excitement as well as chief executive officer of Ways of Work and Wellbeing (WoWW!). The mission of the agency is to help as many customers and clients as it can to put into practice the number one in the five Ways of Wellbeing — to connect. Its passion is to use art and science to generate performance through personality. Mr. Thomson and his colleagues help business customers and consumers via a range of branded and bespoke apps, products and services such as the forthcoming Money Mentor Me! – a U.K. based advisory service. Read the rest of this entry »

Joan Steiner-Adler

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Joan Steiner-Adler 85906Title: President, Owner

Company: MTLS, Inc.

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Joan Steiner-Adler, Ed.D. is the president and owner of MTLS, Inc., a medical consulting firm based in Palm Springs, Cali. An expert in evaluation of medical tests, Ms. Steiner-Adler is responsible for teaching individuals and offering specialized consultative services. She also assesses medical tests.

Ms. Steiner-Adler is a highly accomplished professional who is the co-author of the book titled “Looking for Mr. Perfect.” She has also published more than 100 music reviews. Ms. Steiner-Adler has worked on several humanitarian service projects in Africa and China, and recently committed herself toward mentoring young people. She finds this work very rewarding, and believes it is a duty that is extremely important. Read the rest of this entry »

K. Sounthy Perinpanayagam

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K. Sounthy Peripanayagam 677205Title: Consultant Psychiatrist (Retired)

Company: Dr. K.S. Perinpanayagam

Location: London, United Kingdom

Dr. K. Sounthy Perinpanayagam is a renowned health care professional who has trained in formal psychiatric and psychoanalytic psychiatry. Practicing in the field for 48 years, Dr. Perinpanayagam recently retired. He last served as a consultant psychiatrist at his own private practice where he rendered psychiatric consultations in psycho dynamics, and worked with clients on relationship psychiatry.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Perinpanayagam has served in a variety of positions. He is a very accomplished individual who believes his greatest achievement has been serving as the medical director of the adolescent regional unit of the northeast region in London for 17 years. He is also credited with setting up the first adolescent unit in the region, which he ran successfully for 10 years. Dr. Perinpanayagam has also worked for various hospitals, clinics and treatment centers, and consulted on countless cases that dealt with a wide range of psychiatric issues. Read the rest of this entry »

Allen Brennecke

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Allen Brennecke 1444795Title: Attorney at Law

Company: Moore, McKibben, Goodman & Lorenz, LLP

Location: Clemons, IA, United States

Allen E. Brennecke, attorney at Moore, McKibben, Goodman & Lorenz, LLP, has established an illustrious career in the legal industry over the past 53 years. Revered by colleagues and seen as a role model to aspiring lawyers, Mr. Brennecke has dedicated his career to assisting others in resolving their legal issues. He works on general legal issues, while also focusing on agricultural and business law, contracts, real estate, taxation, wills, trusts, estate planning, and probate law.

Mr. Brennecke was admitted to the Iowa Bar in 1961. He was honored as president of the Iowa State Bar Association and earned the Award of Merit in 1987. He was also named chair of the house of delegates of the American Bar Association. Mr. Brennecke is also admitted to practice law in the U.S. District Court Southern District of Iowa, U.S. District Court Northern District of Iowa, U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals 8th Circuit, and U.S. Supreme Court. Read the rest of this entry »

Jane Birdsell

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LogoTitle: Retired Psychologist, Author

Company: Self-employed

Location: Alberta, Canada

Desiring a well-rounded and fulfilling career, Jane Birdsell got involved in a field where she could truly help people develop and overcome challenges. She spent 30 years working in psychology and was known for her communication skills and ability to help people understand the idea of emotional intelligence and increase their self-esteem.

In her role, she educated people who sought personal and professional success. She would work with her clients in achieving their goals and empower them to strive for excellence. She now focuses her efforts on sharing her knowledge through public speaking and writing. Ms. Birdsell wrote and published “Emotional Enlightenment: Managing Feelings for Success” in 2012. The book delves into a deep discussion about emotions, self-awareness and self-confidence. It was a finalist for the Indie Excellence Book Awards in the relationship category for 2013. Ms. Birdsell’s inspiration for the book came from learning that what people want most is to be understood by the important people in their life. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Jodi Adamson

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Jodi Adamson 168929Title: Staff Pharmacist

Company: Kmart Pharmacy

Location: Prattville, AL, United States

Dr. Jodi F. Adamson is a 15-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry and has been working at Kmart Pharmacy for the past 13. As a pharmacist, Dr. Adamson fills and dispenses prescriptions, counsels customers, and provides them with the highest quality customer service. She gets great satisfaction out of her work and prides herself on always meeting and exceeding the customers’ expectations.

A talented writer, Dr. Adamson taps into her creative side and develops beautifully written and structured poems. She has published work in numerous literary magazines, wrote “Steampunk Alchemy” in the “Dreams of Steam III Gadgets” anthology published by Kerlak Publishing in 2013, and has two short stories featured in the anthology “It was a Dark and Stormy Night,” by Joyce A. Norman. Dr. Adamson also penned the “The Ten Commandments For Pharmacists” in 2010, which is illustrated by Stacey Hopson and can be purchased at the Xlibris bookstore website. Dr. Adamson’s other work, including Gadgets and numerous anthologies can be purchased on Amazon and various online bookstores.

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