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Anesh S. Naidoo

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Naidoo, Anesh 1693101Title: Vice President of Cash Operations

Company: DBS Bank of Singapore

Location: Bishan, Singapore

Anesh Naidoo’s interest in banking has allotted him the opportunity to study and work all over the world. For the past four years, Mr. Naidoo has been the Vice President of Cash Operations at the DBS Bank of Singapore. This position is integral to the bank’s success, and Mr. Naidoo’s nearly 30 years of experience secure the supply relationship management and operations. He is also responsible for negotiating deals in sourcing and implements, handling 30 million dollars in profit and losses and overseeing acquisitions. In addition, his position also deals with maintenance and disposal as well as ATM’s.

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Nancy P. Cotton

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Title: Property Manager

Company: Region of Peel

Location: Branton, ON, Canada

Possessing more than 35 years of service to the Region of Peel in Canada, Nancy Cotton has become a staple figure in public service as a property manager. Responsible for handling properties pertaining to water, wastewater, waste management facilities and communication towers, Ms. Cotton’s abilities make a difference for the area. In addition, she maintains the upkeep of real estate properties, such as vacancies and easements. The Peel Region represents multiple municipalities, including cities and towns. Her work aids in the management of said region, the development of innovative programs and responding to the needs of the people residing in the area. Read the rest of this entry »

Stacey Hickman, RSSW

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Hickman, Stacey 1727359Title: Client Care Manager, Owner

Company: Kingston Dementia Homecare Services

Location: Amherstview, Canada

Seven years ago, Ms. Hickman started her personal care services company, the Kingston Dementia Homecare Services. With her specialization in dementia, respite and personal care services, Ms. Hickman ensures her patients and their families are provided with client behavior management services, counseling and social services. Ms. Hickman was inspired to provide these home care services after her grandmother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer-type dementia. Read the rest of this entry »

Carole Jacquemont

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Company: Self-Employed

Title: Project Manager, Consultant

Location: Gentilly, France

Carole Jacquemont is a trusted project manager and consultant who specializes in project methodology, negotiation, business development and change management. She is currently working on international development for large companies, and is interested in dealing with governmental and private issues in countries such as South America and Africa. Ms. Jacquemont seeks positions in which she can utilize her strong organizational, leadership and managerial skills to help companies make a difference in their project development worldwide. Highly analytical, she is able to make decisions and move forward with no hesitation. Ms. Jacquemont is also appreciated for her high levels of motivation, energy and passion. She holds an Executive MBA from the ENPC School of International Management and remains affiliated with several professional organizations.

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Sandro Domenicano, Eng.

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Title: Director of Operations

Location: Montreal, Canada

Sandro Domenicano is a highly accomplished engineer whose results driven mindset and more than 20 years of experience in construction for the commercial and industrial industries have led to his tremendous success. Mr. Domenicano is recognized for his ability to develop and expand existing and new companies, as well as his experience in decommissioning and shutting down existing plants and industries. A member of the Professional Order of Engineers of Quebec, he has had been awarded numerous career-changing opportunities over the past 20 years. He has worked with diverse groups of people and learned how to develop creative strategies and close negotiations. Mr. Domenicano takes great pride in his work and in looking out for his employees. He ensures that health and safety measures are in place and that the work environment is one people can thrive in. All of his qualities make him a well-respected leader in the field. Mr. Domenicano attributes all the success he has experienced to his hard work, as well as to making sacrifices in the beginning of his career, working with honesty, integrity, and treating everyone with respect. Read the rest of this entry »

C. Arden Rymerson

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Title: Director

Company: Parkbay Refrigration Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada

C. Arden Rymerson is the Director of Parkbay Refrigration Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd., a top heating and air-conditioning company which specializes in refrigeration, coolers, freezers, and heating and air-conditioning services. Mr. Rymerson has spent more than 35 years nurturing an abundant skill set, which encompasses proficiencies in HVAC and customer services. He is primarily in charge of working as a partner in the business, and focusing on customer service and hiring qualified people to do the job well. Read the rest of this entry »

Lise Hamilton-Carrière

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Title: 1) Owner 2) Certified Coach

Company: 1) Food-Wise Weight Loss 2) Jeunesse, LLC.

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Lise Hamilton-Carrière was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding for her commitment to excellence in coaching. At the helm of Food-Wise Weight Loss and Jeunesse, LLC., Ms. Hamilton- Carrière strives for excellence in her endeavors to help others by teaching them and providing them with the tools they need to achieve optimal health. Read the rest of this entry »

Ron Hyggen

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Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Athabasca Basin Security

Location: Corman Park, SK, Canada

Ron Hyggen has always been a hard worker, and his ambition and diligence has been something that has paid off for him over the course of an illustrious career in the public service sector. For more than 16 years, Mr. Hyggen has been nurturing a growing skill set, which encompasses an abundance of leadership skills that have thrust him into the forefront of the industry. Read the rest of this entry »

Tessa M. Szwagierczak

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Tessa SzwagierczakTitle: Sole Practitioner

Company: Tessa Szwagierczak Professional Corporation

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Tessa M. Szwagierczak heads a leading accounting practice which offers a wide range of services from payroll to corporate tax preparation solutions, and serves as a one-stop-shop for all of her clients’ financial needs. There, she manages a base of more than 450 clients, and adeptly addresses all of their accounting need, including bookkeeping, corporate reporting, payroll and tax preparation for both individuals and corporations. Read the rest of this entry »

Linda Davey-Tott

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Linda Davey-TottTitle: Arbonne Consultant

Company: Arbonne

Location: Saint-Sauveur, QC, Canada

Linda Davey-Tott is a consultant with Arbonne, a top provider of skin care products, based on botanical principles, which are shared throughout the world through its network of independent consultants. Read the rest of this entry »

Stephen Beemish

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Stephen Beemish 1585136Title: Senior Vice President of Commercial Insurance

Company: HUB International

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Stephen A. Beemish started his career in insurance right after college. He realized he enjoyed the work, took courses in insurance and attained designations and certifications. Today, Mr. Beemish is regarded for his knowledge of manufacturing risks and is seen as a leader in the field. He has 31 years of professional experience and joined HUB International in 1993. In his role, Mr. Beemish is responsible for managing and building on a large portfolio of commercial clients in a number of industries, as well as driving the sales, bringing in revenue, educating clients, building relationships and covering all lines of commercial insurance. Prior to joining HUB, Mr. Beemish worked for Parsons Brown & Company Limited and served as a partner. He also worked in various roles throughout his career, starting in the mailroom and working his way up the ranks. Mr. Beemish was involved in marketing for an international brokerage and was exposed to all facets of the industry. He attributes his success to hard work and his understanding that sales is a “people business.” Read the rest of this entry »

Joanne Solverson

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LogoTitle: Livestock Production Sales Representative

Company: UFA

Location: Alberta, Canada

Joanne Solverson is a livestock production sales representative for UFA Limited, an agriculture, farming and petroleum company that provides its clients with a wide range of services. Ms. Solverson has been involved in the agriculture industry her entire life and was eager to develop a career in the field. An expert in working with livestock and communicating with a diverse group of people, Ms. Solverson is responsible for working directly with producers, customers and store managers to increase livestock production. Her vast experience in farming enabled her to receive top sales for four consecutive months and gain a strong reputation throughout UFA. Ms. Solverson earned academic scholarships to pursue a degree in agricultural business and management, and is also a Cattlemen’s Young Leaders graduate. She attributes her success to networking and her determination. Looking toward the future, Ms. Solverson would like to expand the livestock side of the company by 25-30 percent. Read the rest of this entry »

Susan Melo

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LogoTitle: General Business Manager

Company: Andrew Shaul Psychology

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

After working as an administrator for Madison MacArthur Executive Search, Susan Melo gained an opportunity to serve as the general business manager at Andrew Shaul Psychology, an association of registered psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists that caters to a diverse client base. Ms. Melo joined the company in 2008 and has become a trusted and well-respected member of its staff. An expert in identifying problems, she is responsible for assisting 60 therapists, recruiting new therapists, training, developing new business aspects, handling bookkeeping and accounting, and performing human resource duties. Ms. Melo has 12 years of professional experience and attributes her success to her strong work ethic. She enjoys learning and contributing to the company’s reputation by staying organized and completing every task she is given. Ms. Melo intends to continue advancing professionally by obtaining an MBA and expanding her skill set.

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