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Constance Nash

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Constance Nash

Title: Founding Partner, President

Company: VSL LTD

Location: London, UK

Constance Nash recently established an amalgamated firm through an invitation by the British government to cultivate her assets under their protective umbrella, in order to provide jobs and revenue to the U.K. with their new inward investment project. Her work has been deemed a foundation for the “Mobile Wave.” Ms. Nash Optimized Data Transmission System and Method’s inventions in Partitioning and Slice, plus software and coding is the foundation to the Mobile Wave starting in 2001, and continuing with non-obsolete data transmission technology for reducing all data to transmit via the narrow bandwidth of the Internet: Hers is the foundation of the Technology pyramid, and hers is still growing with her own innovations and new inventions. Her tier 1 law firm in entertainment and technology informed her that her and Alex’s solution to transmitting data through the Internet was a solution they called The Holy Grail, worth $50 billion in 2001: IF she could write a patent and IF she could make the Software. “That there was an international race to find the solution to reducing data to transmit low bit rate, non-buffering, problematic LOSSY AND LOSSLESS data: lossless means no loss of data being sent. But, her inventions only transmitted three percent of the received data, and yet there is no lost data: VSL’s are lossless. She co-prosecuted Australia, and all patents by flying to each patent law firm to teach the invention, so it could be protected.

Ms. Nash fought for its and her own rights, but patents was just the tip of the iceberg of the VSL in development achievement; software was and is brilliant. It is the key to the bundle of assets value. The applications she came up with, such as an image chipset inside a surveillance systems camera, when all security system cameras had external cables, changed how surveillance succeeds. That invention was not for a bandwidth transit usage on just the Internet. It proved the broad usage of the inventions themselves. “Film used to be delivered in a can, which was sent in costly film strips to theatres,” she said, recently. Today, movies can be sent digitally, to equipment she envisioned years ago. She wrote of this in her White Paper too, and showed the concept and the patent to Universal. Read the rest of this entry »


Darryl Wilson

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Darryl Wilson 1593562

Title: President

Company: Itracit Project Solutions Inc.

Location: Alberta, Canada

Darryl R. Wilson started his career as a boilermaker and quickly progressed in the construction industry. He was exposed to project management and the implementation of business planning, and realized his niche for these areas. Today, he is recognized as a leader in the field who currently serves as the president of Itracit Project Solutions Inc. The project management company offers services in EPCM planning, scheduling, risk management and estimating for power generation, pulp and paper, oil and gas, process and chemical plant turnarounds, maintenance and capital projects.

Mr. Wilson utilizes his 38 years of field experience and 31 years in managerial and supervisory roles to deliver multi-contractors and trade resource loaded fully integrated schedules for the turnaround execution teams, including level six detail schedules that utilize critical path methodology for clients. He uses the latest technology and programs, including Primavera Versions DOS to P7, Taps, Transporter Version 5 and SAP to complete his tasks. Throughout his career, Mr. Wilson has taken the lead on numerous projects. He is particularly proud of having been responsible for the rigging procedures and rigging crews for the field erection of the first Supercritical Boiler in Canada (Rigging General Foreman Genesee 3 Supercritical Boiler).  Read the rest of this entry »

Achim Cremer

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Achim Cremer 1962223Title: Director of Collections and Recoveries

Company: Santander UK plc

Location: United Kingdom

Achim Cremer is the director of collections and recoveries at Santander UK plc, a financial services provider that offers clients a wide range of financial services on an international basis. Mr. Cremer was intrigued by the industry because of its level of customer interaction and because it would allow him to provide a more protective process for clients. Mr. Cremer has 27 years of experience and has been in his current role for the past four. Recognized for his ability to contribute to the profit line of the organization, he is responsible for leading the collections and accounts teams for Santander at 1-180 day accounts, and improving financial situations for customers. He has been credited with exceeding net credit loss targets across all products in the bank every year in Sweden and German companies. Additionally, Mr. Cremer has made two startup companies profitable within three years. He turned a non-profitable, ready-to-sell company into a profit-making, award-winning organization within one year. He attributes his success to always aiming to get the best out of a team by joining up their strengths to create a respectful working environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Lise Hamilton-Carrière

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Title: 1) Owner 2) Certified Coach

Company: 1) Food-Wise Weight Loss 2) Jeunesse, LLC.

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Lise Hamilton-Carrière was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding for her commitment to excellence in coaching. At the helm of Food-Wise Weight Loss and Jeunesse, LLC., Ms. Hamilton- Carrière strives for excellence in her endeavors to help others by teaching them and providing them with the tools they need to achieve optimal health. Read the rest of this entry »

Tiberius Trailin

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Title: Director of Catering

Company: Great Events Group

Location: Calgary, Canada

Tiberius S. Trailin is an event specialist with 28 years of professional experience. For the past nine years, Mr. Trailin has worked for Great Events Group, a catering and event planning company. During his tenure, he has helped grow the company from $3 million revenue to more than 15 million in a period of 14 years. Read the rest of this entry »

Analu Solana

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Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Saatchi & Saatchi

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Analu Solana is the chief executive officer of Saatchi & Saatchi, an advertising agency that provides advertising, communication, digital and shopper marketing services. Ms. Solana has garnered 30 years of professional experience and has gained a reputation for her skills in developing business and communication strategies, as well as building strong teams and startups in Latin America. Throughout her career, Ms. Solana has assisted the agency in becoming among the top five in billings and creative awards in the Mexico market, including 12 Effies in different categories. She has a proven track record of creating business growth and acquiring big-name clients, including P&G, Pepsico, Visa, Mercedes Benz, Fedex and HP. Ms. Solana takes great pride in her work and attributes her success to her passion and discipline. Read the rest of this entry »

Klaus Venus

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Klaus Venus 1760758Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Ifl Consulting GmbH

Location: Austria

Klaus Venus started his career as a purchasing manager, and steadily progresses throughout the industry over the past 28 years. He has worked in production management, logistics, and end-to-end supply chain management, and has been serving as the CEO of Ifl Consulting GmbH for six years. Having successfully managed supply chains over the past 20 years, he is able to implement information technology and supply chain strategies to support supply chain management, and to create a clear vision to understand supply chain management concepts. Throughout his career, Mr. Venus has been involved in the turnaround of a medium-sized bakery, implemented profit improvements through end-to-end supply chain management in the paper industry, and achieved double-digit growth. He also achieved world-class supply chain management capabilities as a leader of a global business. For his exceptional work, he won the European Supply Chain Management award for the best end-to-end supply chain solutions. Mr. Venus attributes his success to his experience, leadership and innovative approach to finding solutions. He is able to take people along, and enable them as a team, to effectively work together across functions and nations. In the coming years, he would like to continue growing his business. Read the rest of this entry »

Vivian Buttle

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Vivian Buttle 1717620Title: Enterprise Solutions Director

Company: Mazik Global

Location: Helderkruin, South Africa

A qualified financial consultant with 15 years of experience, Vivian Karen Buttle is a recognized leader in the software and technology industries. She currently serves as the enterprise solutions director, a software and enterprise solutions company, where she oversees sales and marketing within the organization, and manages business development. She also develops the company’s brand and gains exposure for Mazik Global’s products and services.

Ms. Buttle has had the opportunity to work with some of the top technology companies around the world. Before joining Mazik Global, she worked for Microsoft South Africa’s dynamics division where she focused on dynamics ERP. She worked at Microsoft for seven years and held various roles that helped her become an expert in building lasting relationships. She worked in systems, project management, and sales/marketing. Ms. Buttle also became a certified solutions sales specialist for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Read the rest of this entry »

George Dials

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LogoTitle: President

Company: B&W Conversion Services

Location: Lexington, KY, United States

After serving in the United States military in the Vietnam War, George Edwards Dials began working in the energy industry. He worked for a coal company, which exposed him to the facets of the field, and was recruited by other companies soon thereafter. Mr. Dials joined B&W in February 2006 and served as the president and CEO of its Y-12 LLC program and as the executive vice president of the technical services group before assuming his current position in January 2011. A strong leader and manager, Mr. Dials is responsible for building strategic plans, handling the budget, maintaining operations, and running two manufacturing facilities. He is also tasked with the final testing, startup, and steadily increasing conversion operations of a first-of-a-kind nuclear material processing facilities in the United States designed to convert depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) to a stable uranium oxide product for ultimate disposal and hydrofluoric acid for sale under contract to an established commercial customer.

Mr. Dials’s career in nuclear waste management, energy and national security spans four decades. A results-driven professional, Mr. Dials worked the for U.S. Department of Energy, ICF Kaiser International, Inc., Waste Control Specialist LLC, and Louisiana Energy Services, as well as other reputable companies before joining B&W’s team. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Dials has led numerous projects in the area of waste management, and has been noted for turning around complex problems and leading organizations to better performances. For his exceptional work, he earned the Wendell D. Weart Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Waste Management Symposium in 2012, which is the top honor in the field of nuclear waste management. He was also honored with the U.S. Department of Energy Exceptional Service Medal, and Distinguished Public Service Award from the state of New Mexico.  Read the rest of this entry »