Alejandro Garcia-Palacios

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Alejandro Garcia-Palacios 1596969Title: President

Company: Café La Fortuna

Location: Hinsdale, IL, United States

A third generation coffee grower, Alejandro Garcia-Palacios takes great pride in providing his customers with a cultural coffee experience. He is the president of Café La Fortuna, a premium Mexican coffee boutique and producer that offers a wide range of fresh specialty blends and coffee beans, and also exports coffee.

Mr. Garcia-Palacios started the company more than a decade ago and has watched it gain a stellar reputation for its products and services. His company is recognized as an ambassador of coffee as it has a hand in exporting, importing and producing high quality coffee beans. Mr. Garcia-Palacios guarantees only the finest coffee beans are grown and roasted in order to provide customers with a delicious and unique coffee experience.

As the president of the company, Mr. Garcia-Palacios is responsible for overseeing daily business operations, including the operations of two production plants in Mexico and numerous boutique coffee houses in Chicago, directing sales initiatives, supply chain management, business development and customer relations, and serving as the company’s in-house roastmaster. He also markets the coffee and beans on an international and domestic level. Read the rest of this entry »