Susie Briscoe

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Title: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Company: Acer Coaching Associates

Location: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Hampshire, United Kingdom, October 16, 2015, Driven by her passion to make a difference within the nonprofit sector, Ms. Briscoe has spent the last 30 years in increasingly senior roles in business development. This includes her work as a trustee of two international charities, one of which she founded, and two national charities. Ms. Briscoe has taken her breadth of experience and applied to a successful consultancy based in Hampshire. She offers positive and comprehensive life-coaching services to both individual and corporate clients on an international basis in the medical, health and wellness fields. “I give my clients the tools to help them advance their careers,” she notes, adding that her image consulting, youth coaching, life makeover and preretirement assistance programs have brought tremendous and measurable success to businesses around the world. Looking to the future, she plans to continue coaching and providing teleseminars and webinars for individuals to access around the globe.

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Jane Read

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Title: 1) Owner, Consultant 2) Sales Associate, Consultant

Company: 1) Fit to Go 2) Immunotec Inc.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Jane E. Read has always been involved in the fitness and wellness sector. She was a fitness instructor for more than 20 years, focusing on senior fitness, before deciding to share her knowledge and experience as a consultant and pursue her entrepreneurial endeavors. Ms. Read is the owner of Fit to Go, a health and fitness company that provides in-home instruction for seniors and a variety of fitness classes. She is also a consultant for Immunotec Inc., a health care products company that sells health and nutrition products. Read the rest of this entry »

Deborah Spence, MCE, CEC

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Deborah Spence 1614140Title: Director, Learning and Development/Talent Management

Company: Canadian Pacific

Location: Alberta, Canada

Passionate about assisting companies and individuals in reaching their full potential, Deborah Spence pursued a career in talent management and development. She has 22 years of industry experience and currently utilizes her skills to assist Canadian Pacific in achieving its goals. An expert in succession management, Ms. Spence joined Canadian Pacific in 2012 as a specialist in talent management. The same year, she was promoted to her current role. As the director of learning, development and talent management, she is responsible overseeing the learning and development within talent management, including performance management and employee development, and handling succession talent components. Ms. Spence is a certified executive coach who attributes her success to her passion for learning, and helping people and organizations to be the best. Read the rest of this entry »

Gunther Schwarz

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Gunther Schwarz 1799000Title: Director

Company: Bain & Company

Location: Dusseldorf, Germany

Gunther Schwarz, Ph.D. was working for the Boston Consulting Group when a business opportunity with Bain presented itself. He decided to leave Boston Consulting Group after 20 years of service, and joined Bain in 2010. Bain & Company is a financial services consultancy that provides clients with a wide range of consulting services.

Dr. Schwarz is a seasoned professional who has more than 25 years of consulting experience. He is recognized for his coaching skills and ability to advise senior professionals, and has garnered a reputation as a leader in the field. Throughout his career, Dr. Schwarz has supported clients with local and international growth strategies, and assisted them in enhancing their earning power. Read the rest of this entry »

Roberta Murray Hirst

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LogoTitle: Retired Founder

Company: Pretty River Academy

Location: Ontario, Canada

Roberta Murray Hirst is an education specialist who founded Pretty River Academy, an independent school that provided education for students in preschool through grade 12. Pretty River Academy started with 20 students, and at its high had 165 students. Ms. Murray Hirst has dedicated 32 years to the field of academia and established the school when she saw a need for its services in the area. An expert in coaching and developing strategies, Ms. Murray Hirst was responsible for teaching high school and elementary grades, training, and hiring staff. She also developed strategic plans to build upon the school’s reputation. Ms. Murray Hirst worked and developed the school for 15 years before retiring. She has achieved great success throughout her illustrious career and believes she has excelled because of her integrity and spirit, as well as her ability to engage her students and families. Looking toward the future, Ms. Murray Hirst intends to pursue the position of dean, or possibly become a professional consultant. Read the rest of this entry »

Ricardo Lillo

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LogoTitle: President & Chief Executive Officer

Company: DOOR Group S.A.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Ricardo Lillo is an internationally recognized professional who has worked in training, consulting and coaching for the past 33 years. For the past 11, he has served as the president and CEO of DOOR Group S.A., a results-based training and development solutions provider that offers a wide range of training, assessment, consulting, coaching, e-learning and mobile learning services. The company offers training in more than 93 countries and 23 languages.

An expert in management and leadership, Mr. Lillo prides himself on always putting his clients’ needs first and ensuring their satisfaction. In his positions, he is responsible for overseeing the staff and business, acquiring new clients, meeting with current clients, searching for new branches, and managing profit and loss. Mr. Lillo worked as a manager for the company for many years. When the company went up for sale, he and some fellow employees decided to buy it. He is very proud of the company’s progress since he purchased it. Read the rest of this entry »