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Timothy A. Pusztai

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Title: Owner, Director

Company: Foster Law Office Professional Corporation

Location: Mississagua, ON Canada

Timothy Pusztai, owner and director of Foster Law Office Professional Corporation, has always been attracted to law and the legal arena. That, combined with his desire to be self-employed, makes his career the perfect fit. Mr. Pusztai started with the company after he was admitted to the bar in 2004 and quickly rose through the ranks. By 2008, he was made a partner, and in 2009, he took over the firm. Foster Law Office Professional Corporation is a full-service law firm in Mississauga, Ontario. Mr. Pusztai has a wide array of responsibilities, including managing all day-to-day operations and  providing representation in multiple legal areas with expert lawyers, a comprehensive range of services in many areas of the law, including real estate law and corporate law, and strong legal representation for clients in many types of litigation before Ontario’s courts. He specializes in family law, divorce, marriage annulment, legal separation, and child support and custody. Read the rest of this entry »