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Mike Simpson

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LogoTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: IntriCAT

Location: South Africa

Since March 2013, Mike Simpson has been serving as the CEO of IntriCAT, a software company for the medical profession that takes the best medical software in world and puts it together in unique way to facilitate better health care in South Africa. The software the company develops makes it possible to move medical images from one point to another and enables easy data retrieval and secure sharing for all in the health care field.

Mr. Simpson is always looking at new ways of doing things and enjoys drawing on his past experience and strong skill set to help develop companies. He started his career in finance and gained experience in creating solutions for business problems. Mr. Simpson has also worked with various startup companies from concept to the launch, including selling off to liquidation. He likes to associate himself with innovative companies that will benefit others, which is why he is so excited about IntriCAT. Read the rest of this entry »