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Paul J. Ferris

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Ferris, Paul 1632672.jpgTitle: Chief Executive Officer in Scotland

Company: MIDAS

Location: Fenwick, Kilmarnock, United Kingdom

As an ex-offender, Paul J. Ferris knows better than anyone how hard it can be for ex-offenders to successfully acclimate back into society. This is why he became involved with MIDAS, a nonprofit organization that offers counseling, educational programs, and victim awareness and life coaching to enhance thinking and stop the cycle of violence. Drawing from his own life experiences, Mr. Ferris understands the paths of young gang members, and hopes to reach them by speaking in a language they can understand. He is especially adept at connecting with clients and having one-on-one dialogue. Read the rest of this entry »

Natrona Wilson

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Natrona Wilson 104220Title: Academic Coordinator

Company: Purdue University

Location: Highland, IN, United States

Specializing in computer graphics and the instruction and administering of educational programs, Natrona F. Wilson shines as a luminary in her field, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge and experience to her current role. As the academic coordinator, Ms. Wilson is responsible for administering pre/post ACT’SAT testing to high school students, researching statistical data of area high schools in Lake County Indiana, and handling administrative responsibilities of year round academic programs of pre-college students. Read the rest of this entry »