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Jane Birdsell

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LogoTitle: Retired Psychologist, Author

Company: Self-employed

Location: Alberta, Canada

Desiring a well-rounded and fulfilling career, Jane Birdsell got involved in a field where she could truly help people develop and overcome challenges. She spent 30 years working in psychology and was known for her communication skills and ability to help people understand the idea of emotional intelligence and increase their self-esteem.

In her role, she educated people who sought personal and professional success. She would work with her clients in achieving their goals and empower them to strive for excellence. She now focuses her efforts on sharing her knowledge through public speaking and writing. Ms. Birdsell wrote and published “Emotional Enlightenment: Managing Feelings for Success” in 2012. The book delves into a deep discussion about emotions, self-awareness and self-confidence. It was a finalist for the Indie Excellence Book Awards in the relationship category for 2013. Ms. Birdsell’s inspiration for the book came from learning that what people want most is to be understood by the important people in their life. Read the rest of this entry »