Denis Roy

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Title: President

Company: RDG2 Technologies Inc.

Location: St.-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada

Denis Roy, president of RDG2 Technologies Inc., draws on more than 30 years of experience in systems and software engineering for the successful management of RDG2 Technologies Inc. He founded the company back in 2011, after previous experience at businesses such as CRIM, YORTAR Systems, Canadian Applied Software Engineering Centre and Paramax Electronics/Lockheed Martin. RDG2 Technologies, a research and development company, aims to contribute to the development and adoption of technologies for a better world. The company is dedicated to the integration, valorization and commercialization of various technologies. RDG2 also offers telecommunication and consulting services, which are regularly utilized by the National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces, along with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Mr. Roy, an expert in program analysis and recovery, is responsible for developing strategies for the business. Read the rest of this entry »


Jiri Maly, Ph.D.

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Title: Managing Director
Company: CIBC World Markets
Location: Oakville, ON Canada

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Barbara Blackett

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Barbara BlackettTitle: Lead Consultant

Company: Barbara Blackett Consulting

Location: Stoney Creek, ON, Canada

Barbara Blackett works directly with all accounting and financial clients, ensuring consistently accurate and timely reporting and filing. She has worked in this industry for more than 20 years and has serviced small, medium and large clients across many industries. Read the rest of this entry »

Isabelle Mathieu

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Title: International Financial Director

Company: Bameo

Location: Charleville-Mézières, France

Isabelle Mathieu is a corporate operational finance specialist who currently serves as the international financial director at Bameo, an infrastructure company that completes dam projects in France spanning a period of 30 years. Ms. Mathieu recently assumed her current role, but has been involved in the financial industry for more than three decades. During the last 25 years, Ms. Mathieu has achieved major steps in her professional qualification in finance characterized by complex environments and combined with a robust and “down to earth” practice. She has developed a fully international profile through working in different countries in Europe (Sweden, Netherlands, Italy), Asia (Singapore) and Latin America (Uruguay) with a mix of country and regional responsibilities.  Read the rest of this entry »

Max Dunner

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Max DünnerTitle: Financial Director

Company: Hagraf S.A.

Location: Chile

Max Dunner is the financial director of Hagraf S.A., a printing solutions and products company that offers clients a wide range of services. The company provides prepress, postpress and press products and solutions, spare parts for printers, and problem-solving services for machines. Read the rest of this entry »

Richard Schultz

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Title: Chief Financial Officer

Company: SoMedia Networks

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Richard Schultz is an accounting executive who has more than 18 years of experience in the finance industry and has garnered a reputation for his leadership abilities. He became the CFO of SoMedia Networks, a media production company, in January 2010. Considering this position as his greatest professional accomplishment, Mr. Schultz takes great pride in his work and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the company achieves great success. A certified general accountant, Mr. Schultz is responsible for overseeing finance operations, performing administrative functions, and improving business efficiency. Mr. Schultz focuses on operational improvement processes and development and gathers the data to support that. He does not focus on compliance. Read the rest of this entry »

Raymond Grant

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LogoTitle: Chief Financial Officer

Company: Jamaica Energy Partners

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Raymond Grant started his career with the National Water Commission and, eventually, found his niche in the energy industry. Mr. Grant has amassed 20 years of professional experience and has been serving as the chief financial officer at Jamaica Energy Partners, an independent power provider that offers clients a wide range of energy solutions, for the past four years.

An expert in capital structuring and financing, Mr. Grant is responsible for overseeing all financial operations, including that of three plants/operating entities, liaising with banks, and supervising the treasury, as well as compliance and supply chain matters. Mr. Grant prides himself on being a forward thinker who is always one step ahead of the game. He is extremely proactive and is not afraid to improvise in the face of a challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

Mike Simpson

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LogoTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: IntriCAT

Location: South Africa

Since March 2013, Mike Simpson has been serving as the CEO of IntriCAT, a software company for the medical profession that takes the best medical software in world and puts it together in unique way to facilitate better health care in South Africa. The software the company develops makes it possible to move medical images from one point to another and enables easy data retrieval and secure sharing for all in the health care field.

Mr. Simpson is always looking at new ways of doing things and enjoys drawing on his past experience and strong skill set to help develop companies. He started his career in finance and gained experience in creating solutions for business problems. Mr. Simpson has also worked with various startup companies from concept to the launch, including selling off to liquidation. He likes to associate himself with innovative companies that will benefit others, which is why he is so excited about IntriCAT. Read the rest of this entry »

Rose Marinelli

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LogoTitle: Partner, Vice President of Finance

Company: Conwest Group of Companies Ltd.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Rose Marinelli has been serving as a partner and the vice president of finance at The Conwest Group of Companies Ltd. for the past 29 years. Conwest Group is a civil contracting and land development company that offers land acquisitions, new building development, property management and utility services. The company consists of two divisions; the contracting division began in 1985, providing corporate utility services, and the land, building and property management division was started in 1992.

Ms. Marinelli has garnered more than 30 years of industry experience and is recognized for her diverse background. She brings her unique gifts to the table and is a well-respected leader at the company. With strong business development, finance, event planning and human resources skills, Ms. Marinelli is tasked with overseeing business development, finances and accounting, handling strategic planning, and supervising new hires and union negotiations. She attributes the company’s success to the fact that they have specialized in contracting as well as land development since 1985, and in the process, forged rewarding relationships with businesses and communities throughout British Columbia. As partner, vice president of finance, and all-around people person, she takes pride in delivering communication, connection, innovative, and environmentally responsible solutions to the business and working closely with more than 80 outstanding employees. Looking toward the future, Ms. Marinelli hopes to support and teach others. She wants to be a part of others’ business journeys and to continue to make a difference in their lives by sharing her experiences and successes.

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Albert Elam

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Albert Elam 543137Title: Adjunct Professor

Company: International Business Academy

Location: Kolding, Denmark

Dr. Albert G. Elam, DBA, MBA, AFC, CCEA, CCA, CGFM is a well-traveled and well-educated professional who draws on his military and corporate experience to better serve students at the International Business Academy in Denmark. Dr. Elam joined the university’s ranks 13 years ago and has become a respected professor who is known for his ability to relate to his students. He teaches finance, accounting and strategy courses.

Dr. Elam’s illustrious career spans more than three decades and includes numerous leadership and executive positions. He began his professional journey in the United States Air Force where he served for 23 years and worked in six countries. He retired as a lieutenant colonel. Dr. Elam also worked as a partner at a consulting firm for 28 years where he specialized in individual and small business financial counseling for clients in the United States and Denmark. Dr. Elam worked in both the private and public sectors and served as a chief financial officer and chief administrative officer in the transportation and retail industries. Read the rest of this entry »

Martine Hue

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Martine Hue 1680253Title: Investor Relations Director

Company: Publicis Groupe

Location: Paris, France

Martine Hue is an investor relations specialist who has worked in the field for reputable companies throughout France for the past 15 years. She joined Publicis Group, an advertising company that provides a wide range of products and services for small and large brands, in 2007 and consistently worked her way up the ranks over the past six years. With strong knowledge of technical competency and unmatched analytical skills, Dr. Hue is responsible for overseeing the department, meeting with other department heads, and providing professional guidance on all financial and governance issues.

Dr. Hue always had an interest in finances, and the investor relations area provided her with the opportunity to meet different people in a global environment. She began her illustrious career as a control financier with Saint-Gobain in the early 80s. She worked for the company for seven years, learning all facets of the industry, before joining Usinor. Dr. Hue also worked for Arcelor and its subsidiaries throughout Europe in numerous investor relations positions.  Read the rest of this entry »

Nicola Filosa

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Nicola Filosa 1690220Title: Chief Financial Officer

Company: Vacations 7 Resorts International

Location: Ontario, Canada

A master at interacting with people and building strong partnerships, Nicola Filosa is an invaluable asset to Vacations 7 Resorts International, a vacation agency that offers apartment rentals in Turks & Caicos and Canada. Mr. Filosa has garnered 30 years of professional experience and has been in his current position for the past three years. A trusted adviser, he handles a myriad of responsibilities. Mr. Filosa oversees daily business operations, including marketing, financial forecasting, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, public relations, and vacation rentals and excursions. Read the rest of this entry »

David Millen

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Title: 1) President, Chief Operating Officer 2) Managing Partner

Company: 1) Powerbev Inc. and Pur Brands Inc. 2) BMR Management, Inc

Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Millen is a very successful national account executive who has worked with major brands since leaving the University of Guelph 20 years ago. He has worked with Frito Lay, Cadbury, Schweppes and Red Bull. He is known for market distribution, national account management, and employee engagement. He has the skill to hire high potential employees and develop progressive relationships with clients. Read the rest of this entry »