Hilda Lunderstedt

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Hilda Lunderstedt 1793651Title: Founder, Director

Company: Lunderstedt Group

Location: South Africa

Hilda Lunderstedt is one of the few South African female entrepreneurs who was able to achieve success from the beginning. She took a self-started business to a nine-figure company in less than 10 years and sold it to a major pharmaceutical company in South Africa. Over the years, Ms. Lunderstedt has become more focused on building and expanding businesses, and working with entrepreneurs who are eager to make a name for themselves on a global scale. Read the rest of this entry »

Lynn Pearce

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gfgfdgfddTitle: Director

Company: Cutting Edge Culture

Location: United Kingdom

Lynn Pearce is a corporate culture expert with 18 years experience working with large corporations globally, including banking and finance, telecommunications, mining and industrial, and government. She specializes in what it takes to change behavior in organizations, as well as adult learning techniques, and has garnered a reputation for her strong skill set and industry knowledge. Read the rest of this entry »