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Ken Ireland

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ireland-ken-2075958Title: Project Director

Company: 1) BDCL Inc. 2) PLT Inc.

Location: Sorel-Tracy, QC, Canada

As a project director for BDCL Inc. and PLT Inc., Ken Ireland is efficient at finding new products and solutions to help clients for both companies. BDCL Inc. is a telecommunications company that specializes in cellular telecommunications installation services and refurbishing and installation of telecommunication towers. PLT Inc. is a tower obstruction lighting company specializing on providing solutions. In his roles, Mr. Ireland takes care of employees, maintains responsibility for human resources, business development, project supervision and quality control, staffing, cold calling, giving presentation and conducting analyses of what clients need. Read the rest of this entry »


Carvell Newton McLeary

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McLeary, Carvell 2062890Title: Senior Director in Human Resources Management

Company: Airports Authority of Jamaica

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

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Paul Patenaude

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Paul Paternaude 1731091Title: Chief Executive Officer, Owner

Company: Bliss Innovative Technologies Inc + 2 & Bliss by Alexander

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Paul Patenaude is the owner and Chief executive officer of Bliss Innovative Technologies Inc +, a human resources and project management consultancy, and Bliss by Alexander, a wedding directory. Mr. Patenaude, who has 21 years of professional experience, started the consultancy because of his love of the information technology field. He then became involved in his wedding directory company because he started providing clergy services on the weekends, which led him to the wedding industry. An expert in business efficiency regarding HRMS/HCM, he is responsible for overseeing daily business operations for both companies, and managing human resources, information technology, PeopleSoft, and data conversions. Over the course of his career, Mr. Patenaude has developed and implemented robust solutions that serve multiple disciplines. He takes great pride in his work and in his ability to successfully run two businesses. Mr. Patenaude attributes his success to his desire to learn new things and to seeking new challenges. Looking toward the future, he intends to expand what he currently manages with additional staff. He may open other enterprises. Read the rest of this entry »

Sophie Vandamme

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Sophie Vandamme 1776085Title: Human Resources Director Continental Europe

Company: McBride plc

Location: Belgium

Sophie Vandamme wanted to establish a career at a company where she could combine working with people and her human resources expertise. She joined McBride plc, a manufacturing company that supplies household and personal care products to Europe’s largest and most successful retailers, in July 2012, and has become an integral part of the company’s success.

Recognized for being a valued business partner in diverse environments, Ms. Vandamme is a motivated leader with proven communication and organizational skills. She is practical, articulate and creative, and has the ability to solve difficult and complex business issues. Ms. Vandamme has consistently obtained high performance through leadership and cohesive team building and excels at retaining employees. She has received many accolades and awards for her exceptional work in the field over the course of her career. Read the rest of this entry »

Susan Melo

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LogoTitle: General Business Manager

Company: Andrew Shaul Psychology

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

After working as an administrator for Madison MacArthur Executive Search, Susan Melo gained an opportunity to serve as the general business manager at Andrew Shaul Psychology, an association of registered psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists that caters to a diverse client base. Ms. Melo joined the company in 2008 and has become a trusted and well-respected member of its staff. An expert in identifying problems, she is responsible for assisting 60 therapists, recruiting new therapists, training, developing new business aspects, handling bookkeeping and accounting, and performing human resource duties. Ms. Melo has 12 years of professional experience and attributes her success to her strong work ethic. She enjoys learning and contributing to the company’s reputation by staying organized and completing every task she is given. Ms. Melo intends to continue advancing professionally by obtaining an MBA and expanding her skill set.

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Anne Graham

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Anne Graham 1625624Title: Director of Human Resources

Company: Pillar5 Pharma Inc.

Location: Ontario, Canada

A results-oriented leader with 25 years of experience in developing and actioning people solutions to implement business strategies and priorities, Anne Graham serves as the director of human resources for Pillar5 Pharma Inc. The consulting company offers a wide range of pharmaceutical manufacturing services.

Ms. Graham joined Pillar5 Pharma in 2009 and has garnered a reputation for her organizational development skill set and ability to connect with employees. She has strategic and hands-on experience in all major areas of human resources, and constantly draws on her knowledge to fulfill her responsibilities at Pillar5 Pharma. As the director of HR, Ms. Graham is responsible for hiring, handling performance management, benefits, salary, health and organizational structure, developing leaders, and training employees. She enjoys her work of addressing human relations issues inside an organization.  Read the rest of this entry »

David Millen

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Title: 1) President, Chief Operating Officer 2) Managing Partner

Company: 1) Powerbev Inc. and Pur Brands Inc. 2) BMR Management, Inc

Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Millen is a very successful national account executive who has worked with major brands since leaving the University of Guelph 20 years ago. He has worked with Frito Lay, Cadbury, Schweppes and Red Bull. He is known for market distribution, national account management, and employee engagement. He has the skill to hire high potential employees and develop progressive relationships with clients. Read the rest of this entry »