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Stephen T. Greer

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Greer, Stephen 1903563Title: Owner, Attorney

Company: Attorneys Greer, Swafford and Adams

Location: Dunlap, TN, United States

A law professional with more than four decades of experience, Stephen Greer practices in the areas of personal injury, auto accidents, nursing home negligence, criminal defense, family law, wrongful death and general litigation. In his capacity, Mr. Greer provides clients with legal services, consultations and representation in trials. His interest in law was imparted from his father, who became an attorney after serving in World War II. Mr. Greer was inspired by his father and decided to pursue a career in the legal field. For more than 30 years, he has owned and collaborated with other attorneys at his firm, Attorneys Greer, Swafford and Adams. Read the rest of this entry »


Paul Gallagher

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Gallagher, Paul 1734038Title: Barrister and Solicitor, Notary Public, Mediator, Business Consultant

Company: Paul Gallagher Legal

Location: North Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand

Drawing on nearly 40 years of experience in legal services, Paul Gallagher has aided clients concerning matters in mediation and alternative dispute resolution, property and commercial law, family trusts and estate planning, family law, relationship property and parenting disputes. For 26 of these years, Mr. Gallagher has overseen the day-to-day operations, marketing, and legal service at his own firm. His clients can expect Mr. Gallagher to be very approachable, and as someone with a strong communication ability. Read the rest of this entry »

Francois Garneau

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Garneau, Francois 1949665Title: Lawyer

Company: Miller Thomson LLP

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Francois Garneau has 37 years of experience as a lawyer of Miller Thomson LLP. Throughout his career, he has gained a great deal of experience in cases involving discrimination and psychological harassment, such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment and handicap discrimination. Each day, he is responsible for representing senior executives in negotiations involving employment termination. He also provides counsel in the drafting of employment contracts.

Looking back, Mr. Garneau attributes his success to his love of what he does. He became involved in his profession because he is a fourth-generation lawyer. His father, both grandfathers and great-grandfather were lawyers, so it was a natural choice for him.

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Jean-Sebastien Boudreault, LLB

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Title: Immigration Lawyer

Company: Jean-Sebastien Boudreault, LLB

Location: Montreal, Quebec Canada

Mr. Boudreault has 15 years of professional experience, with seven years as an immigration lawyer, helping individuals attain citizenship. He works to defend the rights of immigrants and navigate the issues of illegal immigration. Furthermore, he helps businesses understand immigration issues in a global marketplace. Each day, he is responsible for representing clients before all immigration authorities, and also holding international interviews in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

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