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Gustavo Hevia

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Title: Computer Systems Analyst

Company: Hevia Consulting Inc.

Location: Quebec, Canada

Gustavo A. Hevia is the chief executive officer and computer systems analyst at Hevia Consulting Inc. His company provides software, live stream video, and consulting services to clients. He was inspired to establish his company by his desire to create new products in the field. Mr. Hevia has 32 years of professional experience and has been working on his own for the past seven. Throughout his career, Mr. Hevia worked for IBM, Match Shipping Management, Motorola and Banco Mercantil in technical roles. He is recognized for his filmmaking and database creation skills, and spends much of his time creating databases for businesses. He also develops the business, sends marketing materials and makes calls to increase the company‚Äôs client base. Mr. Hevia attributes his success to his prior experiences working for banks and in telecommunications. Read the rest of this entry »