David Grubor

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Title: Director of Operations

Company: ApolloCorp Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON

As the director of operations at ApolloCorp Inc., David Grubor specializes in numerous areas related to construction, including manufacturing, logistics, procurement, engineering, maintenance, product development and business development. He has also gained considerable experience managing greenfield construction projects for facilities up to 500,000 square feet in size. Additionally, he has led initiatives to relocate, consolidate and decommission facilities.

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Sandro Domenicano, Eng.

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Title: Director of Operations

Location: Montreal, Canada

Sandro Domenicano is a highly accomplished engineer whose results driven mindset and more than 20 years of experience in construction for the commercial and industrial industries have led to his tremendous success. Mr. Domenicano is recognized for his ability to develop and expand existing and new companies, as well as his experience in decommissioning and shutting down existing plants and industries. A member of the Professional Order of Engineers of Quebec, he has had been awarded numerous career-changing opportunities over the past 20 years. He has worked with diverse groups of people and learned how to develop creative strategies and close negotiations. Mr. Domenicano takes great pride in his work and in looking out for his employees. He ensures that health and safety measures are in place and that the work environment is one people can thrive in. All of his qualities make him a well-respected leader in the field. Mr. Domenicano attributes all the success he has experienced to his hard work, as well as to making sacrifices in the beginning of his career, working with honesty, integrity, and treating everyone with respect. Read the rest of this entry »

Suzette Scheepers

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Title: Director of Congresses

Company: The Paragon Group

Location: Herzliya, Israel

HERZLIYA, ISRAEL, February 9, 2015, Suzette Scheepers serves as the Director of Congresses for The Paragon Group, a leading event management company which specializes in the construction, development, production, and professional management of conferences. In her executive leadership capacity, Ms. Scheepers is responsible for Read the rest of this entry »

Maria Franksen

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Maria Franksen 1807521Title: Traffic Network Manager

Company: Volvo Group Trucks Operations

Location: Sweden

Maria E. Franksen entered the supply chain management field more than 20 years ago because she knew it was a field she could succeed in. She has steadily progressed to become one of the most respected leaders who is often sought after for advice and guidance by others. Ms. Franksen joined Volvo in 1996and assumed her role of transport network manager in August 2013. She takes great pride in her work and enjoys the challenges she is asked to take on and the people she works with. Read the rest of this entry »

Klaus Venus

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Klaus Venus 1760758Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Ifl Consulting GmbH

Location: Austria

Klaus Venus started his career as a purchasing manager, and steadily progresses throughout the industry over the past 28 years. He has worked in production management, logistics, and end-to-end supply chain management, and has been serving as the CEO of Ifl Consulting GmbH for six years. Having successfully managed supply chains over the past 20 years, he is able to implement information technology and supply chain strategies to support supply chain management, and to create a clear vision to understand supply chain management concepts. Throughout his career, Mr. Venus has been involved in the turnaround of a medium-sized bakery, implemented profit improvements through end-to-end supply chain management in the paper industry, and achieved double-digit growth. He also achieved world-class supply chain management capabilities as a leader of a global business. For his exceptional work, he won the European Supply Chain Management award for the best end-to-end supply chain solutions. Mr. Venus attributes his success to his experience, leadership and innovative approach to finding solutions. He is able to take people along, and enable them as a team, to effectively work together across functions and nations. In the coming years, he would like to continue growing his business. Read the rest of this entry »

Ronen Scheflan

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Title: President

Company: Hanita USA

Location: Rockville, MD

Ronen Scheflan is the president of Hanita USA, a coatings manufacturing company that provides the development and conversion of coated, laminated and metallized films for a range of industrial and commercial applications, and services to the label, electronics, and insulation industries as well as the print media and window film markets. The company also has an industrial division for manufacturing and a business division for business-to-business operations.

Mr. Scheflan has garnered 14 years of professional experience and joined Hanita in January 2008. Mr. Scheflan was introduced to the company when working in his field when managing a European plastics company years ago in logistics and sales that did R&D projects with Hanita. Hanita decided to increase its products in Europe and he was asked to expand and changed their operations in the European market. He changed the logistics and sales structure and managed Europe since 2007. During his tenure, he has led the company into cooperation with global players, established several international sales offices, and helped develop Hanita as the leading supplier to the vacuum insulation industry within Europe. Read the rest of this entry »