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Alexandre Losson

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Title: Partner

Company: Sales Force

Location: Paris, France

Alexandre Losson joined the Sales Force team just over a year ago, and serves as a trusted partner and senior director, focusing on EMEA and financial services. He has more than 20 years of experience in the management consulting and systems integration field. This experience aids in building the sales performance, business development, program management and digital transformation for the company. His duties include working with the other partners and senior staff while also running the financial services facets. Mr. Losson ensures clients needs are met. In his role, he defines offer, strategy and go-to-markets. Read the rest of this entry »


Peter G. King

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Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: PGK Management LTD.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Peter G. King is a highly regarded project management specialist with 20 years of professional experience to his name. He currently operates his own management consultancy that provides project supervision, procurement for construction and maintenance services, and it services clients in the energy, chemicals, petrochemicals, power, mining and forestry industries in Canada.  Read the rest of this entry »

Max Ochoa

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Title: Senior Consultant

Company: RGP

Location: Mexico

Max Ochoa is a senior consultant at RGP, a management consultancy that offers consulting services, including finance, accounting, information management, governance risk and compliance, human capital, legal and regulatory, corporate advisory, restructuring, strategic communications and supply chain management. Mr. Ochoa assumed his current role two years ago after gaining extensive experience in the field. Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel Ebner

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LogoTitle: 1) Chief Executive Officer 2) Consultant

Company: 1) GE Institut 2) Valcoba

Location: Switzerland

Daniel Ebner is the chief executive officer of the GE Institut, an agrophysical technology company that provides biophysical solutions for the optimization of food production, and a consultant for Valcoba, a consultancy that provides quality management consulting services. Mr. Ebner started the GE Institut in 1999 and continues to run the company and develop the staff while working for Valcoba.

Prior to assuming his current roles, Mr. Ebner worked in a variety of positions in pathology and drug development. He started his career as a lab specialist at Ciba-Geigy AG and served in that position for nine years before being promoted to lab leader and drug utilization service leader. Mr. Ebner then worked for Novartis Pharma AG as the global system operations team leader, CEO for ASP Pharma AG, and head PBC and head of computer system validation for Arcondis AG. Read the rest of this entry »

Bassem Elderaidy

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Bassem Elderaidy 1600299Title: Vice President of Operations

Company: Bassem Elderaidy Management Consulting Inc.

Location: Halifax, NS, Canada

Bassem Elderaidy is an executive with a notable record of results leading operations and projects for multinational manufacturing organizations. He has 25 years of professional experience and has been serving as the vice president of operations for Bassem Elderaidy Management Consulting Inc. for five years. Bassem Elderaidy Management Consulting Inc. was established by Mr. Elderaidy in August 2009 and is a management consultancy that provides a wide range of consulting and operations management services, and conducts food and beverage projects. Read the rest of this entry »

Pascale Fressoz

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Pascale Fressoz 1511813Title: Director

Company: Millenium Entreprises

Location: Les Clefs, France

Pascale Fressoz started her career in the packaging industry in a sales position. As she gained experience on an international level, working in England and France, Ms. Fressoz became well versed in developing sales activities in a multicultural environment. Her sales and marketing skills and leadership abilities played a major role in Ms. Fressoz attaining a directorial position in her 30s. Today, Ms. Fressoz continues to thrive in the management consulting industry as the director of Millenium Entreprises, which specializes in developing and implementing strategies that promote business growth. A strategic planner and expert communicator, Ms. Fressoz is tasked with supporting leaders from the public and private sectors in defining strategy, facilitating strategy, execution and evaluation, and training managers and directors within international organizations in seminars on human capital development. Read the rest of this entry »