Constance Nash

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Constance Nash

Title: Founding Partner, President

Company: VSL LTD

Location: London, UK

Constance Nash recently established an amalgamated firm through an invitation by the British government to cultivate her assets under their protective umbrella, in order to provide jobs and revenue to the U.K. with their new inward investment project. Her work has been deemed a foundation for the “Mobile Wave.” Ms. Nash Optimized Data Transmission System and Method’s inventions in Partitioning and Slice, plus software and coding is the foundation to the Mobile Wave starting in 2001, and continuing with non-obsolete data transmission technology for reducing all data to transmit via the narrow bandwidth of the Internet: Hers is the foundation of the Technology pyramid, and hers is still growing with her own innovations and new inventions. Her tier 1 law firm in entertainment and technology informed her that her and Alex’s solution to transmitting data through the Internet was a solution they called The Holy Grail, worth $50 billion in 2001: IF she could write a patent and IF she could make the Software. “That there was an international race to find the solution to reducing data to transmit low bit rate, non-buffering, problematic LOSSY AND LOSSLESS data: lossless means no loss of data being sent. But, her inventions only transmitted three percent of the received data, and yet there is no lost data: VSL’s are lossless. She co-prosecuted Australia, and all patents by flying to each patent law firm to teach the invention, so it could be protected.

Ms. Nash fought for its and her own rights, but patents was just the tip of the iceberg of the VSL in development achievement; software was and is brilliant. It is the key to the bundle of assets value. The applications she came up with, such as an image chipset inside a surveillance systems camera, when all security system cameras had external cables, changed how surveillance succeeds. That invention was not for a bandwidth transit usage on just the Internet. It proved the broad usage of the inventions themselves. “Film used to be delivered in a can, which was sent in costly film strips to theatres,” she said, recently. Today, movies can be sent digitally, to equipment she envisioned years ago. She wrote of this in her White Paper too, and showed the concept and the patent to Universal. Read the rest of this entry »


Bill Sheppard

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Bill Sheppard 1650341Title: Managing Director

Company:  World Travellers

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

William “Bill” Sheppard began his illustrious career working for Singapore Airlines in the ticket office as a reservations supervisor. He worked in that position for nearly four years before transitioning to a different aspect of the travel industry. He joined Best Travel Limited in 1986 an eventually purchased the business from its founder in 2001. Read the rest of this entry »

Franco Fogliato

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Fogliato, Franco 1496670Title: Senior Vice President and General Manager Americas

Company: Columbia Sportswear Company

Location: Petit-Lancy, Switzerland

Franco Fogliato has provided his business services as the Senior Vice President and General Manager Americas for the Columbia Sportswear Company since 2017. In this position, Mr. Fogliato is responsible for developing effective business strategies and reporting to the international chief executive officer and serving on the executive board. Columbia Sportswear Company is an outdoor apparel and products company. His skills in marketing strategy, brand management and development, as well as product sales management have aided him in the 20 years of his career. He recently worked in the role of Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA.

From an early age, Mr. Fogliato was interested in sports and wanted to pursue a career in the industry. His first step was graduating from the Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia with a degree in business administration. He continued at the Scuola di Artiglieria, where was an officer. In 2009, he returned to his education and attended the Open University Business School to earn a Master of Business Administration in 2012. His commitment to education has earned him opportunities in the sports industry, and he has risen through the ranks through various opportunities.  Read the rest of this entry »

Tonie Granata

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Granata, Toni 2032894Title: Vice President of Digital, Content and Channel Marketing

Company: Mackenzie Investments

Location: Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

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Domenico Alexakis

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Alexakis, Domenico 2003676.JPGTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Bridge Plus AG

Location: Wollerau, Switzerland

Throughout the course of his career, Domenico Alexakis has felt a continuous drive to use his variable skills to develop and connect meaningful brands. The former marketing officer at Dow Chemical, he was inspired to found Bridge Plus AG as a way to provide consultation in the areas of marketing, communication, business, economic development and life sciences. He frequently calls upon his expertise in strategy, analysis and counseling to guide companies through complex processes, such as marketing communications. He is especially adept at connecting people to the right individuals, knowledge and technology to meet their needs. As the CEO, Mr. Alexakis is mandated in the fields of economic development and life sciences. Read the rest of this entry »

Fred Hoogland

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Hoogland, Fred 1637060Title: Partner and Executive Director Marketing & Sales

Company: CuraMedical BV

Location: Assendelft, Netherlands

Fred Hoogland has 32 years of professional experience, with 14 years as Partner and Executive Director of Marketing & Sales of CuraMedical BV. Throughout his career, he has set himself apart as an expert in international marketing and sales. Each day, he is responsible for meeting people, training sales representatives, marketing the company, and handling sales. He also travels worldwide to speak to distributors and attend exhibitions. Meeting with the staff members of hospitals. CuraMedical BV is a Health care that provides Medical devices; Wound management and care products.

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Zdenek Duchoslav, M.Sc.

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Title: President

Company: Zebra Earth Sciences Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

With a passion for geotechnology and an expertise in physics, Mr. Duchoslav has been successful over the past 28 years by fusing his background in math and geology into a comprehensive skill set in the science field. Through his experience in the industry, he has worked on projects in more than 50 countries around the world. He established Zebra Earth Sciences with his son to offer advising and consulting services to private enterprises, governmental entities and universities looking to introduce geotechnical technologies into their institutions. Fluent in eight languages, Mr. Duchoslav quickly brought his company to a global status and works with international and domestic clients alike.

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Marco Stolze

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Marco Stolze 1822974Title: Director

Company: MS-Sales

Location: De Lier, Netherlands

Marco Stolze has 27 years of overall experience, with six years as the director of commercial sales, advising and webshop sales for MS-Sales. On a daily basis, he is responsible for handling sales, as well as marketing, new business development, operations, leadership, negotiations and export purchasing, as well as international sales, agribusiness, account management, consulting, and customer service. MS Sales was founded by Mr. Stolze from his drive to the purchase and sales of floriculture products. Through his years of experience in the flower and plant trade, he is now has a better match between supply and demand. In five years, Mr. Stolze plans to grow his business globally. Read the rest of this entry »

Gregory O’Gallagher

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greg o'gallagherTitle: President

Company: Kinobody Fitness Inc.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Gregory O’Gallagher has eight years of professional experience, with four years as the president of Kinobody Fitness Inc. Each day, he writes articles and produces podcasts on fitness, while also working with a marketing team. Mr. O’Gallagher attributes his success to his self-belief. He is progress and self-improvement oriented, so that has also helped motivate him. He became involved in fitness as a child because he decided that he wanted to be fit and healthy. Later, he became passionate about helping others achieve that same level of fitness. In years to come, Mr. O’Gallagher hopes to continue to help others achieve their goals. Read the rest of this entry »

Benito Luis Rossiti

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Benito Rossiti 1437174Title: Director of Customer Relationships

Company: TecBan Tecnologia Bancaria S.A.

Location: Brazil

Benito Luis Rossiti is a sales and marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in the technology and financial services sectors. He realized he was better suited for working in a sales capacity, and focused on that area of business. Mr. Rossiti, who is fluent in Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish, is recognized for his ability to build and maintain strong and lasting customer relationships. In his role, he is responsible for managing daily communications with all customers, and managing a team of relationship executives, who handle corporate customers and the company. He attributes his success to his dedication, hard work and being selective in what he wanted to do. Moving forward, Mr. Rossiti hopes to be a leader in an aggressive growth plan for the company. Read the rest of this entry »

Gustavo Hevia

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Title: Computer Systems Analyst

Company: Hevia Consulting Inc.

Location: Quebec, Canada

Gustavo A. Hevia is the chief executive officer and computer systems analyst at Hevia Consulting Inc. His company provides software, live stream video, and consulting services to clients. He was inspired to establish his company by his desire to create new products in the field. Mr. Hevia has 32 years of professional experience and has been working on his own for the past seven. Throughout his career, Mr. Hevia worked for IBM, Match Shipping Management, Motorola and Banco Mercantil in technical roles. He is recognized for his filmmaking and database creation skills, and spends much of his time creating databases for businesses. He also develops the business, sends marketing materials and makes calls to increase the company’s client base. Mr. Hevia attributes his success to his prior experiences working for banks and in telecommunications. Read the rest of this entry »

Cheryl Cardon

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Cheryl Cardon 1553498Title: 1) President 2) Founder

Company: 1) Circus Strategic Communications Inc. 2) Parade Multimedia Brand Experiences Inc.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Cheryl Cardon began her career as a journalist, but over the course of 36 years, evolved into working in other areas, including advertising, marketing, public relations and publishing. She is now an established branding and advertising professional whose entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her own companies, Circus Strategic Communications Inc. and Parade Multimedia Brand Experiences Inc. The advertising and multimedia branding companies offer clients a wide range of services that help them gain exposure and allow them to network with other professionals. Read the rest of this entry »

Lise Hamilton-Carrière

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Title: 1) Owner 2) Certified Coach

Company: 1) Food-Wise Weight Loss 2) Jeunesse, LLC.

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

Lise Hamilton-Carrière was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding for her commitment to excellence in coaching. At the helm of Food-Wise Weight Loss and Jeunesse, LLC., Ms. Hamilton- Carrière strives for excellence in her endeavors to help others by teaching them and providing them with the tools they need to achieve optimal health. Read the rest of this entry »

Linda Davey-Tott

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Linda Davey-TottTitle: Arbonne Consultant

Company: Arbonne

Location: Saint-Sauveur, QC, Canada

Linda Davey-Tott is a consultant with Arbonne, a top provider of skin care products, based on botanical principles, which are shared throughout the world through its network of independent consultants. Read the rest of this entry »

Glen A.V. Beache

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Glen Beache 1459609Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: SVG Tourism Authority

Location: Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Glen A.V. Beache is a highly regarded professional who has worked in government capacities before becoming the CEO of SVG Tourism Authority, a national tourism agency that provides clients with a wide range of hospitality services. Mr. Beache was the minister of the government in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for eight years, and held the position of junior minister of transportation. These past experiences have shaped him into the knowledgeable and innovative leader his is today. An expert in marketing and public relations, Mr. Beache is responsible for ensuring company standards, managing tourism and investments in the country, and handling negotiations with international airlines. He attributes his success to his hard work, patience and willingness to learn. Looking toward the future, Mr. Beache hopes to gain more experience in the field and travel to more destinations. Read the rest of this entry »

Analu Solana

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Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Saatchi & Saatchi

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Analu Solana is the chief executive officer of Saatchi & Saatchi, an advertising agency that provides advertising, communication, digital and shopper marketing services. Ms. Solana has garnered 30 years of professional experience and has gained a reputation for her skills in developing business and communication strategies, as well as building strong teams and startups in Latin America. Throughout her career, Ms. Solana has assisted the agency in becoming among the top five in billings and creative awards in the Mexico market, including 12 Effies in different categories. She has a proven track record of creating business growth and acquiring big-name clients, including P&G, Pepsico, Visa, Mercedes Benz, Fedex and HP. Ms. Solana takes great pride in her work and attributes her success to her passion and discipline. Read the rest of this entry »

Stephen Beemish

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Stephen Beemish 1585136Title: Senior Vice President of Commercial Insurance

Company: HUB International

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Stephen A. Beemish started his career in insurance right after college. He realized he enjoyed the work, took courses in insurance and attained designations and certifications. Today, Mr. Beemish is regarded for his knowledge of manufacturing risks and is seen as a leader in the field. He has 31 years of professional experience and joined HUB International in 1993. In his role, Mr. Beemish is responsible for managing and building on a large portfolio of commercial clients in a number of industries, as well as driving the sales, bringing in revenue, educating clients, building relationships and covering all lines of commercial insurance. Prior to joining HUB, Mr. Beemish worked for Parsons Brown & Company Limited and served as a partner. He also worked in various roles throughout his career, starting in the mailroom and working his way up the ranks. Mr. Beemish was involved in marketing for an international brokerage and was exposed to all facets of the industry. He attributes his success to hard work and his understanding that sales is a “people business.” Read the rest of this entry »

Debra Stellar

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Debra Stellar 532954Title: Director of Sales and Marketing

Company: Starlite Sign, LP

Location: Denton, TX

Debra Stellar entered the sign industry in 1986 and has become a well-respected leader in the field who is known for her sales management skills and ability to develop strong relationships with clients. She joined Starlite, a leading sign manufacturing company, and designer and installer of interior and exterior electrical signs, in 2001 and quickly became an integral member of the company’s staff.

An award-winning global sales consultant, Ms. Stellar has assisted in the expansion of the company over the last decade. She excels at developing solutions and delivering superior customer service. In her capacity, she is responsible for generating new business along with maintaining current clients, managing the sales representatives and marketing staff, managing projects, writing proposals and looking for new business opportunities. Ms. Stellar also represents clients around the country and maximizes their branding opportunities, as well as supports the long-standing mission of the company to provide top of the line customer service to each client. For her exceptional work, Ms. Stellar was inducted into the Hall of Fame and is a four-time recipient of the Vendor Sales Representative of the Year Award by Hastings Entertainment. She also earned the National Association of Professional Women’s Woman of the Year award for 2012/2013. Read the rest of this entry »

Vaughan Daniels

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Vaunghan Daniels 1485364Title: Global HoLEP Training Manager

Company:  Lumenis LTD

Location: United Kingdom

Inspired by his manager at a pharmaceutical company, Vaughan Daniels established a lengthy career in the health care industry. Mr. Daniels has more than 20 years of professional experience and is recognized for his strong skill set and knowledge of marketing health care companies. He has worked in a variety of capacities throughout his career, and is now focusing his efforts on training surgeons and health care centers worldwide in using HoLEP. This Lumenis system uses Holmium VersaPulse PowerSuite, which incorporates the use of lasers to conduct minimally invasive medical procedures.

Mr. Daniels joined Lumenis LTD, the global leader in the field of minimally-invasive clinical solutions, in September 2013. Well versed in the company’s products, he is responsible for working with clients around the world in order to ensure they are properly trained on the devices. Mr. Daniels takes great pride in his work and feels privileged to work for an innovative company that is advancing the state of the medial industry. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Christian Popp

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LogoTitle: Director of Training and Development

Company: Covidien

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

After studying medicine and working as physician in cardiology, radiology, and surgery, Dr. Christian Popp made the decision to get involved in the medical device industry. He joined Covidien, a company that provides medical devices for vascular therapy, in 2010 and assumed his current position in 2013. Dr. Popp has extensive experience in sales and marketing, and understands how to develop training and business programs. He draws on his past experience and strong skill set to fulfill his responsibilities and drive the success of the company. In his role, Dr. Popp is tasked with developing and delivering training for internal sales representatives, customer service, and train managers, evaluating products, clinicals and sales training, and establishing business needs based sales methods. His goal for the programs is to help other companies integrate new people and technology effectively. Read the rest of this entry »