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Gilberto Rodrigues

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Rodrigues, Gilberto 1648889

Title: Former Chief Executive Officer

Company: Mota-Engil Africa

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Gilberto Rodrigues has more than 23 years of experience in civil engineering. During this career, he has grown the business on the continent of Africa for Mota-Engil from $300 million to $1.5 billion Euros. As the former CEO of Mota-Engil, Mr. Rodrigues was responsible for being in charge of the African market. In this position, he paid close attention to how markets performed and on how to handle the commercial side of the business. He has overseen finances and top operations while setting policies. At the present, Mr. Rodrigues is pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors in Africa.

Mr. Rodrigues attributes his success to his hard work and natural ability. He is a firm believer in setting goals and relying on his team for support. To prepare for a career in his line of work, he earned a master’s degree in civil engineering at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto in Portugal. This degree has served him well and has helped him serve his various roles within the industry, including all of his positions with Mota-Engil. Mr. Rodrigues started out as an onsite engineer after graduating and worked up to site manager and project manager. In 2001, he was to Africa, where he became a country manager, then a regional director and finally the CEO of the continent. Read the rest of this entry »


Glenn Bolton

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Bolton, Glenn 1959539Title: Technical Director
Company: The Production Exchange
Location: High Wycombe, United Kingdom

Glenn Bolton is a highly accomplished technical director. He is the man behind the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the London 2012 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, among many other well-known productions that are broadcast live to an audience that includes millions of people from around the world. His work has been seen and celebrated around the world, with attendance at his events ranging from at least 50,000 to 70,000 people. In 2010, Mr. Bolton won an IVCA Global Award, and attributes his success to his ambition and his risk-taking abilities.

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Marco te Loo, DVM

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te Loo, Marco 1494269Title:  Veterinary Director, DVM

Company: Dier en Zorgcentrum Holland

Location: Nootdorp Netherlands





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Wolfgang Heim

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Heim, Wolfgang 1817071Title: Project Control Consultant

Company: WJH

Location: Gerlos, Austria

Following a three-decade-long career in the mechanical engineering field, Mr. Heim lends his talents and insights as a project control consultant, an endeavor he has pursued for the last three years. He works with clients looking for planning and project control, improved multidisciplinary environments and organization with regards to new process implementation. His focuses most on engineering firms, as he is regarded as an expert in the field; however, Mr. Heim also offers strategic business planning advice to clients in a number of industries.

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Chris P. Hudson

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Title: Team Principal

Company: Chimo Holdings

Location: Sheffield United Kingdom

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Carmelo Chines

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Title: Qualified Person

Company: SIFI S.p.A.

Location: Aci Sant’antonio, Italy

Carmelo Chines has 15 years of professional experience, with five years as a Qualified Person of SIFI S.p.A. As an expert in preventative action, he is responsible for analyzing all activities from the previous day’s business, checking for critical data involving machine failures and alarm systems, and planning for any unforeseen problems that may arise. He maintains direct contact with the chief executive officer and teams to share his findings.

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Barry L. Walton

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Walton, Barry 1969911Company: Barry Walton Photo, LLC

Title: Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Location: Auburn, CA United States

As owner and chief executive officer of an eponymous photography business, Dr. Walton executes customer photo projects, manages orders and the flow of SafariScreen2Go™ and Screen2Go™ Ultra-Portable Projection Screens between sales channels and the warehouse. His company offers fine art images, commercial products, wedding photography, and training for Adobe Lightroom and Photodex ProShow Gold, as well as many others products and services. Throughout the course of his career, he has developed wide-ranging expertise in nature and wildlife images, photographic editing and consulting, and one-on-one training. Dr. Walton became involved in his profession through his hobby of photography, which he practiced for more than three decades, before becoming a professional in 2006. When he started, he received awards for a couple of photos he took early on in his career. Since that time, he has learned new methods from the local Placer Camera Club, Viewpoint Gallery, and the Photographic Society of America. The highlight of his photography career so far has been receiving recognition for the quality images he has been blessed to take.

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Frank Dottori

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Dottori, Frank 1514203Company: 1) Fadco Consulting 2) White River Forest Products

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer 2) President, Co-Owner

Location: Temiscaming, Quebec, Canada

In 1973, after reviving a shuttered mill, Frank Dottori founded what was to become Tembec, a global forest products company with 55 mills located throughout three continents. Over 33 years, he grew it into a $4 million multinational company, experiencing great success and later some loss as Canadian lumber exports decreased in line with lower demand for certain paper products. Since stepping down from Tembec, Mr. Dottori assumed top-dog position at Fadco Consulting, where he analyzes new technologies in the biochemical and biotech industries, strategically evaluating production costs for forestry products. He is also a partial owner of White River Forest Products, which employs more than 100 people from First Nations communities.

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Michael Govender

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Title: Director

Company: AGT Food and Ingredients

Location: Regin, SK, Canada

Michael Govender has 31 years of overall experience, with four years as the director of quality assurance and food safety of AGT Food and Ingredients.  As an expert in food safety and quality assurance, he is responsible for traveling to 30 factories throughout Canada, the U.S., Turkey, Australia, China and South Africa. Mr. Govender is engaged in building a well-known brand worldwide, as well as ensuring food safety and overseeing daily operations. Read the rest of this entry »

Burgess G. Newsom, Jr.

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Burgess Newsom 1808161Title: Certified Food and Beverage Executive

Company: Taylors International Services

Location: Iraq

Burgess G. Newsom, Jr. is a certified food and beverage executive for Taylors International Services, a catering provider for large operations that develops food and beverage teams. Mr. Newsom began his career serving the food, then making it and then he became manager. Over the course of his 26-year career, Mr. Newsom held a variety of positions that have assisted him in his role at Taylors International Services. Read the rest of this entry »

David Millen

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Title: 1) President, Chief Operating Officer 2) Managing Partner

Company: 1) Powerbev Inc. and Pur Brands Inc. 2) BMR Management, Inc

Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Millen is a very successful national account executive who has worked with major brands since leaving the University of Guelph 20 years ago. He has worked with Frito Lay, Cadbury, Schweppes and Red Bull. He is known for market distribution, national account management, and employee engagement. He has the skill to hire high potential employees and develop progressive relationships with clients. Read the rest of this entry »