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Francoise Pelissier

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Pelissier, Francoise 1622135Title: Consultant, Owner

Company: Lettre en Lien

Location: Paris, France

Francoise Pelissier, an expert in writing and pedagogy, joined her profession knowing she wanted to start her own company. She started by earning a Bachelor of Arts in women’s studies and writing from Hampshire College, and then a master’s degree from Universite Paris-Sorbonne with a concentration in political science. Eight years ago, Ms. Pelissier founded Lettre en Lien, a personal development and writing assistance company, and made her dreams a reality. Lettre en Lien provides writing assistance for individuals and businesses, and even offers writing workshops. As a consultant and owner, Ms. Pelissier is responsible for assisting with change management, training, creating new programs for individuals and groups, and managing the company. Ms. Pelissier attributes her success to her capacity to understand complex situations, and hopes to see continued growth for Lettre en Lien in the next five years. Read the rest of this entry »