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Bill Anderson

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Title: Patent and Trademark Attorney

Company: Ahearn Fox

Location: Brisbane, QLD Australia

Brisbane, QLD, November 18, 2015, A proven leader in the field of legal services, Mr. Anderson has worked for Ahearn Fox for the last 19 years. The firm is a well-established practice of patent and trademark attorneys qualified to take on matters of mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering patent applications. Mr. Anderson entered this area of law through a unique progression of opportunities in the field. While interviewing for a position with a filtration company three decades ago, he admitted to his interviewer that he believed the position required a mechanical engineer, not a chemical engineer, which he was. His honesty led him to talk himself away from a job offer, but opened up an opportunity with the same company to manage their intellectual property, as they had 17 inventions they needed patented. After working in this capacity for a few years, Mr. Anderson decided to transition to the other side of the business as a patent attorney.

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