Sylvie Boulianne

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Title: President, Project Manager

Company: Hydrowatt International Inc.

Location:  Montreal, QC, Canada

Inspired by a teacher, who volunteered his time helping people in Africa, Sylvie Boulianne has dedicated her time and talents to establishing contracts across Africa and alleviating poverty. Her company, Hydrowatt International Inc., is an energy firm consultancy that offers clients electric power generation and distribution services. Through her company, Ms. Boulianne manages contracts overseas in Western and Northern Africa to reduce poverty and to give them access to energy. She organizes technology transfer and empowers them, transfers the skills they need and helps them find expertise they need.

An expert in contract management, Ms. Boulianne is also responsible for overseeing human resource functions, as well as technology transfer projects, marketing, consulting with clients, and handling real estate management and real estate investments. Read the rest of this entry »