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Kathleen J. Coffey, P.Eng., PMP

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Kathleen Coffey 1762887Title: Managing Director

Company: Sentio Engineering

Location: Alberta, Canada

Kathleen J. Coffey, P.Eng., PMP gained an interest in engineering at a very early age. Ms. Coffey was interested in how things worked and was encouraged to explore her interests through the engineering field. Today, Ms. Coffey is an innovative problem-solver who has 27 years of professional experience. Read the rest of this entry »


David Mann

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David Mann 1949608Title: President

Company: Ayrshireton Consulting Inc.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

David M. Mann

After steadily rising through the ranks of the technology industry over a period of many years, David M. Mann decided to get involved in consulting. He knew he could utilize his industry experience and ability to continually adapt to rapidly changing markets and technologies by listening to customers’ inputs and developing unique propositions to solve their problems and to assist them with their cyber security, IT, and Wi-Fi needs. A caring professional who practices real servant leadership and never quits on finding answers to complex problems, Mr. Mann has garnered a stellar reputation as an industry expert and leader. He drives the vision and success of Ayrshireton Consulting Inc. through serving as the CEO and president, and by overseeing the daily operations. Read the rest of this entry »

Martin O’Neill

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Martin O'Neill 1784311Title: Freelance Publisher

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Martin O’Neill entered the publishing industry more than 40 years ago due to his interest in the field. He has worked in variety of high-level capacities before venturing out on his own and becoming a freelance publisher. Throughout the industry, Mr. O’Neill has garnered a reputation for being passionate about protecting intellectual property rights. In ISO, he was known as “Mr. Positive,” due to the constructive approach he takes to problem-solving. He has on two occasions rescued publications operations from administrative chaos and earned the nickname “Mr. Fix-It.” Read the rest of this entry »

Claire McSorley

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LogoTitle: President

Company: The McSorley Group Inc.

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

A domestic and global HRIS/payroll implementation specialist with 25 years experience in her field, Claire McSorley decided to take all the skills she learned throughout her career to establish her own company. The McSorley Group Inc. was founded in May 2013 with the intention of providing clients with a wide range of payroll system building and human resources implementation services. As the president of the company, Ms. McSorley is responsible for virtual planning with national clients in different industries, including agriculture, oil and gas and small businesses, providing consulting, evaluation and analysis of each project, and building HRIS and payroll systems. She also does a great deal of presenting and training.

Dubbed the “Disaster Restoration Specialist” by her clients, Ms. McSorley is known for her ability help people overcome what seem like impossible issues and build them the HRIS/Payroll system that is perfect for their needs. Ms. McSorley is a quick and efficient worker who once rebuilt an entire payroll system in 72 hours after a system crash. Putting her clients’ needs above all else has earned her the respect of those she works with and other industry professionals.  Read the rest of this entry »