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Andy Williams

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Andy Williams 1817703Title: Principal Geophysicist

Location: Alberta, Canada

Inspired by Tuzo Wilson, one of the great fathers of Plate Tectonic theory, Andy Williams decided to study geophysics while at university and during his career in oil and gas. Throughout his career, Mr. Williams served as a geophysicist with Chevron Canada Resources, Wascana Energy, Nexen and North American Oil Sands Corporation. He is a highly accomplished professional who believes that one of his greatest achievements was the part he played in Nexen’s involvement in the Long Lake SAGD/Upgrader project. He took a small team of four professionals through to executing the first 81 SAGD well pair drilling program in five years. Mr. Williams works with a diverse group of clients and specializes in high-resolution and cost-effective 3-D seismic acquisition, quantitative interpretation and AVO compliant processing. He believes he has been able to excel in his profession over a 24-year period due to being a big picture guy, imagination, creativity, asking a lot of questions, hard work, perseverance and education. In the coming years, Mr. Williams aims for continued professional growth by way of challenging opportunities and projects. Read the rest of this entry »

Mats Bengtsson

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Title: Senior Consultant

Company: B3IT

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Interested in the ever-changing information technology industry, Mats O. Bengtsson made the decision to pursue a career in the field. He has garnered 30 years of professional experience and is recognized for his knowledge of outsourcing and infrastructures. Read the rest of this entry »

Christine Verillotte

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LogoTitle: Head of Unit Business, Public Relations and Administration of the Accreditation Business Unit of State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Company: Swiss Confederation

Location: Givisiez, Switzerland

Christine Verillotte started her education in political science and was advised to work in the private sector. She spent 10 years working for the Nestle Corporation in operational audits and efficiency, and then worked for Nestle in marketing before moving over into the public sector. Today, she draws on her 15 years of experience and strong skill set to fulfill her responsibilities as the Head of Unit Business, Public Relations and Administration of the Accreditation Business Unit of State Secretariat for Economic Affairs with the Swiss Confederation.

Well versed in project management and organization, Ms. Verillotte is responsible for handling accreditation services and technical issues, overseeing 42 people in Switzerland and all back-office functions, including administration, project management, journalists and compliance systems, building up control, and representing the office at the European level committee. Ms. Verillotte takes great pride in her work and attributes her success to her language skills and ability to adapt to various cultures. Read the rest of this entry »

Johanne Dufresne

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Johanne Dufresne 1668130Title: Project Management Specialist

Company: Hydro-Québec

Location: Varennes, QC, Canada

Inspired by her father and desiring to utilize her expertise in science and mathematics, and educational background, Johanna Dufresne entered the engineering field. She has garnered 22 years of experience and has spent the last six years serving as a project management specialist at Hydro-Québec, an electricity generator, transmitter and distributor.

Ms. Dufresne handles a myriad of responsibilities in her current role. She manages a portfolio of 20 to 40 projects, including project management, risk management, procurement management and financial control, handles administration of all contracts, drafts recommendations to senior management for obtaining budgets, oversees engineering projects and research and development projects, and defines and writes technical specifications. Read the rest of this entry »

Kira Dunham

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Kira Dunham 1624759Title: Owner, Consultant

Company: Kiwehtin Consulting

Location: Ontario, Canada

With a specialized expertise in forest ecology, Kira Dunham decided to utilize her skills to advise chiefs and councils of First Nations. She began to build and maintain relationships with industries and governments, which enabled her to branch out on her own and create Kiwehtin Consulting. Her consulting company’s services include:

• Permit reviews
• Environmental assessment-related work
• Negotiations and mediation consulting services for Taykwa Tagamou Nation and other First Nations
• Ecologic knowledge

Ms. Dunham is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality services, and handles her responsibilities with great care. In her role, she is tasked with meeting the goals of various communities, chiefs and councils as First Nations forge ahead in the ecological fields and deal with the increasing use of their traditional territories, managing and leading projects, acting as a strategic consultant to review hydro-development documents and permits, and incorporating TEK in permitting work plan requirements as per the EA.  Read the rest of this entry »

Robin Johansen

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Robin Johansen 1619377Title: Chief Information Officer

Company: Beca Corporate Holdings Ltd

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Robin Johansen is a technology and systems consulting veteran who has garnered 42 years of experience throughout his illustrious career. An expert in various subjects, including governance, procurement, systems engineering, and risk management, Mr. Johansen joined Beca in 2000. Beca is a professional services consulting company that provides a wide range of engineering consulting services. As the CIO, he is responsible for handling strategic development and management of the ICT function for Beca’s global interests across China, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

A highly accomplished individual, Mr. Johansen has achieved great success in working on high profile projects and solving problems. He is extremely proud of the part he played in the delivery of a complex, multi-year project valued at $1.2 billion. Due to Mr. Johansen’s leadership, vast knowledge and industry skills, the project was delivered within budget and only slightly behind the original schedule. Aside from his work at Beca, Mr. Johansen is also a company director for two hi-tech companies.  Read the rest of this entry »