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Bjorn A. Mattsson

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Mattsson, Bjorn 1903123Title: Global Senior Director, Supplier Quality Management

Company: Volvo Car Group

Location: Göteborg, Sweden




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Michael Govender

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Title: Director

Company: AGT Food and Ingredients

Location: Regin, SK, Canada

Michael Govender has 31 years of overall experience, with four years as the director of quality assurance and food safety of AGT Food and Ingredients.  As an expert in food safety and quality assurance, he is responsible for traveling to 30 factories throughout Canada, the U.S., Turkey, Australia, China and South Africa. Mr. Govender is engaged in building a well-known brand worldwide, as well as ensuring food safety and overseeing daily operations. Read the rest of this entry »

Jacqueline Jacques

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Jacqueline Jacques 1440577Title: President

Company: Hoodoo Informatique Inc.

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Jacqueline Jacques knew that technology was a great industry to get into when she was a student at the University of Montreal and has developed a lucrative career in the field over the past 37 years. She founded Hoodoo Informatique Inc., an information technology company with the mission of assisting companies with the IT and software needs, including websites and social media platforms, in 2003. Ms. Jacques has watched her company gain a stellar reputation for its products and services, and is extremely proud of the path her career has taken. She is known for her expertise in the quality assurance development information technology and quality control software and processes, and is responsible for working as a quality assurance software consultant, and overseeing Web developers and programmers to fix any defects for clients. Ms. Jacques is a highly accomplished IT professional who is credited with creating a new program for colleges in IT that was adopted by the Minister of Education in Quebec. She developed the program more than 10 years ago and it is still going on today. Ms. Jacques attributes her success to her hard work and education. Looking toward the future, she would like to continue expanding her company and its services. Read the rest of this entry »

Elsa Gomez

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Elsa Gomez 557844Title: Director of Quality Assurance for Research and Development

Company: Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Location: Corona, CA, United States

Elsa Gomez began her career as an auditor of companies that provided pharmaceutical products to the United States Department of Defense. She gained professional experience by being involved in all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing and associated quality control systems, and steadily progressed throughout the industry. Today, she serves as the director of quality assurance for research and development for Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which is now known as Actavis Inc. Actavis is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing and distributing brand and generic drugs.

Ms. Gomez assumed her current role 12 years ago and is recognized for her strengths in compliance oversight and regulations supervision of the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products. In her role, she is responsible for overseeing the research and developmental activities of the pharmacists and chemists, ensuring the use of proper manufacturing practices in the internal research and development department per regulatory agency guidelines, ensuring that appropriate quality systems are implemented and that information and documentation submitted to regulatory agencies meet requirements, assisting managers and employees in the research, development and quality assurance departments, and preparing for regulatory agency inspections.

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James Drexel

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LogoTitle: Area Superintendent, Senior Foreman

Company: The Raymond Group

Location: Concord, CA, United States

Inspired by his father, Donald Cameron, James Drexel got involved in quality assurance. He has spent the last 36 years honing his skills in the field and has become a recognized leader. In 1998, Mr. Drexel joined The Raymond Group as the field superintendent. The Raymond Group is a construction company that specializes in commercial construction projects.

In his role, Mr. Drexel oversees projects to ensure quality of workmanship and general assurance of production throughout Northern California. He also makes sure he is readily available to his employees in order to answer questions of workers and foremen. Mr. Drexel is very proud of the work he does and puts the needs of the clients and his employees first. He always overcomes challenges, including physical challenges that have affected his work. In the early 90s, Mr. Drexel started a PGE retrofit job and shattered his ankle on the first day and had to begin the job using crutches. His dedication and passion for his job were proven through his ability to fight through the pain and get the job done. Read the rest of this entry »

Glenda Smith

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Glenda Smith 473587Title: Community Activist

Company: Glenda D. Smith

Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States

Caring deeply about her community and for those with disabilities, Glenda D. Smith established a company, Glenda D. Smith, that provides a wide range of telecommunications consulting and disabilities advocacy services. Ms. Smith founded the company seven years ago and has amassed 35 years of professional experience.

Ms. Smith is recognized as a dedicated professional who excels in quality assurance, science, technical engineering, and mathematics. Throughout her career, she played an instrumental role in implementing a new ordering and billing system in March 1998, and receiving a certification from the Bell Atlantic Corporation in 2000 to order provisioning systems from the company to enter into long-distance businesses. She also taught middle school chemistry and biology before focusing her career on telecommunications and advocacy. Read the rest of this entry »