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James Drexel

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LogoTitle: Area Superintendent, Senior Foreman

Company: The Raymond Group

Location: Concord, CA, United States

Inspired by his father, Donald Cameron, James Drexel got involved in quality assurance. He has spent the last 36 years honing his skills in the field and has become a recognized leader. In 1998, Mr. Drexel joined The Raymond Group as the field superintendent. The Raymond Group is a construction company that specializes in commercial construction projects.

In his role, Mr. Drexel oversees projects to ensure quality of workmanship and general assurance of production throughout Northern California. He also makes sure he is readily available to his employees in order to answer questions of workers and foremen. Mr. Drexel is very proud of the work he does and puts the needs of the clients and his employees first. He always overcomes challenges, including physical challenges that have affected his work. In the early 90s, Mr. Drexel started a PGE retrofit job and shattered his ankle on the first day and had to begin the job using crutches. His dedication and passion for his job were proven through his ability to fight through the pain and get the job done. Read the rest of this entry »