Dr. Eric Kajfasz

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Kajfasz, Eric 1719092Company: Center for Particle Physics of Marseille

Title: Director

Location: Marseille, France

With unparalleled expertise in his field, Dr. Kajfasz lends more than three decades of industry knowledge to his role with the Center for Particle Physics of Marseille, a fundamental and experimental physics laboratory that specializes in particle physics, astroparticles, observational cosmology, and interdisciplinary and societal transfers. Through his passion for research and a little bit of luck, he excels in the field. During the course of his daily routine, he manages the laboratory, drives the scientific policy of the lab, ensures research funding, and recruits new scientists.

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Susan Melo

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LogoTitle: General Business Manager

Company: Andrew Shaul Psychology

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

After working as an administrator for Madison MacArthur Executive Search, Susan Melo gained an opportunity to serve as the general business manager at Andrew Shaul Psychology, an association of registered psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists that caters to a diverse client base. Ms. Melo joined the company in 2008 and has become a trusted and well-respected member of its staff. An expert in identifying problems, she is responsible for assisting 60 therapists, recruiting new therapists, training, developing new business aspects, handling bookkeeping and accounting, and performing human resource duties. Ms. Melo has 12 years of professional experience and attributes her success to her strong work ethic. She enjoys learning and contributing to the company’s reputation by staying organized and completing every task she is given. Ms. Melo intends to continue advancing professionally by obtaining an MBA and expanding her skill set.

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Annick Jacob

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Annick Jacob 1586242Title: Human Resources Consultant

Company: LC Human Resources Consulting and Recruitment Services

Location: Quebec, Canada

After working with her father, Annick Jacob was inspired to enter the human resources industry. Today, she is a leader in the industry who is recognized for her knowledge of labor law and organizational development skills. Ms. Jacob lends her expertise and talents to clients at LC Human Resources Consulting and Recruitment Services where she has been serving as a consultant since 2013. In her role, Ms. Jacob is tasked with developing policies and procedures in human resources.

Ms. Jacob possesses many strengths that enable her to excel in the human resources field. She is a driven and results-oriented professional who is always looking out the employees and her employer. She considers herself an HR generalist, which means she is a Jack of all trades who has vast knowledge of all aspects of human resources. Ms. Jacob also gained experience working across a variety of industries. She worked in professional services, retail sales, manufacturing, and transport and warehousing. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Pat Hartwell

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Title: Principal Associate

Company: pH Acid Test Training

Location: Berkshire, United Kingdom

Ms. Hartwell set up her own company after teaching numerous academic and professional courses, including those to facilitate the attainment of MBAs, the DMS and first degrees, at higher education institutions. She is much in demand at conferences with a reputation for amusing and thought provoking presentations. She has designed and delivered training programs for clients such as NATO Deputy Secretary Generals, the ICC, Eurojust, the OSCE, EPO, Fedex and Hay Consulting Group. In total, she has gained almost 40 years of experience in the field of education and training. Read the rest of this entry »