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Claude Millette, Eng.

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Millette, Claude 1996656Company: Videotron

Title: Previous General Director

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Over the past three decades, Mr. Millette has cemented his reputation as an effective and respected management professional who is able to successfully bring a vision to life. He possesses a talent for aligning the needs of a company toward unexpected results by re-adjusting his approach whenever necessary. Mr. Millette has spent his career honing his expertise in revenue growth, strategic planning, sourcing and supply chain management, and international business development. He has also cultivated his skills in analytical problem solving, commercial and contractual negotiations, and organizational transformation.

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Andrew Hoffman

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Title: President

Company: ACCE International

Location: Ontario, Canada

Andrew W.R. Hoffman’s interest in the food business inspired him to pursue a career in the field. He has spent more than a decade refining his skills in the industry and has been serving as the president of ACCE International for the past five years. ACCE International is a research organization that provides consumer and clinical research services on an international level. A well-established problem solver, Mr. Hoffman is recognized for his breadth and depth of experience in a variety of industries, which gives him a fresh perspective in this industry. Read the rest of this entry »