Richard Pesserl

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pesserl-richard-2135131Title: Sales Team Manager

Company: Robert Bosch LLC

Location: Farmington Hills, MI, United States

With a career in automotive solutions and technology for more than 25 years, Richard Pesserl is a trusted named in the industry. Proficient at acquiring new sales, managing projects, planning products, negotiating long-term contracts and international business, he is an asset to the team of Robert Bosch LLC as a sales team manager. His position also includes forecasting, pricing strategy, leading international cross-functional teams, sales and management. Mr. Pesserl possesses highly valuable extensive sales and management skills in highly sophisticated sensors, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic components focused in automotive and truck OEM. In his line of work, he provides many services to high-end clients, spearheading a sales team to produce the Bombardier Spyder and with niche customers on autonomous driving. Read the rest of this entry »


Franco Fogliato

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Fogliato, Franco 1496670Title: Senior Vice President and General Manager Americas

Company: Columbia Sportswear Company

Location: Petit-Lancy, Switzerland

Franco Fogliato has provided his business services as the Senior Vice President and General Manager Americas for the Columbia Sportswear Company since 2017. In this position, Mr. Fogliato is responsible for developing effective business strategies and reporting to the international chief executive officer and serving on the executive board. Columbia Sportswear Company is an outdoor apparel and products company. His skills in marketing strategy, brand management and development, as well as product sales management have aided him in the 20 years of his career. He recently worked in the role of Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA.

From an early age, Mr. Fogliato was interested in sports and wanted to pursue a career in the industry. His first step was graduating from the Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia with a degree in business administration. He continued at the Scuola di Artiglieria, where was an officer. In 2009, he returned to his education and attended the Open University Business School to earn a Master of Business Administration in 2012. His commitment to education has earned him opportunities in the sports industry, and he has risen through the ranks through various opportunities.  Read the rest of this entry »

Fred Hoogland

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Hoogland, Fred 1637060Title: Partner and Executive Director Marketing & Sales

Company: CuraMedical BV

Location: Assendelft, Netherlands

Fred Hoogland has 32 years of professional experience, with 14 years as Partner and Executive Director of Marketing & Sales of CuraMedical BV. Throughout his career, he has set himself apart as an expert in international marketing and sales. Each day, he is responsible for meeting people, training sales representatives, marketing the company, and handling sales. He also travels worldwide to speak to distributors and attend exhibitions. Meeting with the staff members of hospitals. CuraMedical BV is a Health care that provides Medical devices; Wound management and care products.

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Yves Charbonneau

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Company: Agropur Dairy Cooperative

Title: Vice President of Sales

Location: Longueuil, QC Canada

For an impressive three decades, Mr. Charbonneau has channeled his ambition and drive into his field, especially for the last 11 years as vice president of sales for Agropur Dairy Cooperative, which provides dairy products and industry services. During the course of his daily duties, he manages a sales team, oversees six direct reports, and develops strategies. He became involved in his current position because he always wanted to take on more responsibilities within the industry. An amazing example of skill in his profession, Mr. Charbonneau outshines others due to a combination of his prior industry experiences and his educational background, which includes an MBA from Universite de Sherbrooke. During his spare time, he loves to golf, as well as give back to the community through Institut Pacifique, where he is the president of fundraising. Within the next five years, Mr. Charbonneau intends to serve in a general management role.

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Daniel Knighton

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Company: RALO Headsets Inc.

Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Location: Carleton Place, ON Canada

Over the course of nearly 10 years in his current role, Mr. Knighton has worked as the president and chief executive officer of RALO Headsets, a headset manufacturer that provides electronic communications and defense services for high-noise environments. Through his honesty and straightforward nature, he manages the Ottawa office, handles product sales, as well as the clients’ needs, and negotiates contracts.

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Zdenek Duchoslav, M.Sc.

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Title: President

Company: Zebra Earth Sciences Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

With a passion for geotechnology and an expertise in physics, Mr. Duchoslav has been successful over the past 28 years by fusing his background in math and geology into a comprehensive skill set in the science field. Through his experience in the industry, he has worked on projects in more than 50 countries around the world. He established Zebra Earth Sciences with his son to offer advising and consulting services to private enterprises, governmental entities and universities looking to introduce geotechnical technologies into their institutions. Fluent in eight languages, Mr. Duchoslav quickly brought his company to a global status and works with international and domestic clients alike.

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Glyn Sinkinson

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 Title: 1) MD, Chief Executive Officer 2) Worldwide Sales Director 3) Equal Partner

Company: 1) The Bar Necessities (Worldwide) Ltd 2) Tydan Specialty Blades Inc. 3) Steri_X/International

Location: Manchester, UK

As a high-ranking professional of three companies, Mr. Sinkinson credits his parents Kay and Derek as “two of the best parent’s to ever walk this Earth.” He also credits his brothers Wayne and Lee, his sister Joanne and all his children, grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, and respective partners, and his second mother, Christine McBride. He has many fond memories of his childhood, including being rushed to get 16 stitches as a result of a classmate who accidentally hit him in the head during a game of brick toss, in the absence of balls and ropes that had been put away after hours by the schoolyard. Because of his injury, he missed a swimming event for his school’s Gala, but the school offered him two tickets to sit on the sidelines at the Gala. Although the boy who hit him originally hid in fear afterward, he visited the boy’s home to offer him the second ticket and they attended together. His parents were hardworking and honest, and had everything but money, and helped him through many childhood diseases. As a person who truly loves himself, two songs that describe his life are ‘When a Child is Born’ by Johnny Mathis and “The Greatest Love of All” by George Benson. He took up golf at the age of 29 and joined a local club, Blackley, where he won several competitions, including the clubs most prestigious “Captains” in his first year. He sees himself as “the chosen one” who achieves what he sets out to do and always raises the bar. Read the rest of this entry »

Hardy Koehler

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Hardy Koehler 1901286Title: Senior Director SMB Sales EMEA

Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Location: Voerde, Germany

Mr. Koehler has 26 years of professional experience, with seven years as a Senior Director of SMB Sales EMEA for Adobe Systems Incorporated. Each day, he is responsible for managing sales, running seven different sales teams across channel and indirect sales, and revitalizing channel and implement disruptive business model across EMEA both internally and externally. Read the rest of this entry »

Benito Luis Rossiti

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Benito Rossiti 1437174Title: Director of Customer Relationships

Company: TecBan Tecnologia Bancaria S.A.

Location: Brazil

Benito Luis Rossiti is a sales and marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in the technology and financial services sectors. He realized he was better suited for working in a sales capacity, and focused on that area of business. Mr. Rossiti, who is fluent in Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish, is recognized for his ability to build and maintain strong and lasting customer relationships. In his role, he is responsible for managing daily communications with all customers, and managing a team of relationship executives, who handle corporate customers and the company. He attributes his success to his dedication, hard work and being selective in what he wanted to do. Moving forward, Mr. Rossiti hopes to be a leader in an aggressive growth plan for the company. Read the rest of this entry »

Burgess G. Newsom, Jr.

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Burgess Newsom 1808161Title: Certified Food and Beverage Executive

Company: Taylors International Services

Location: Iraq

Burgess G. Newsom, Jr. is a certified food and beverage executive for Taylors International Services, a catering provider for large operations that develops food and beverage teams. Mr. Newsom began his career serving the food, then making it and then he became manager. Over the course of his 26-year career, Mr. Newsom held a variety of positions that have assisted him in his role at Taylors International Services. Read the rest of this entry »

David J. Armstrong

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David Armstrong 1946974Title: Vice President of Marketing

Company: Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd.

Location: Ontario, Canada

After receiving an MBA, David J. Armstrong began working in sales for Xerox, where he gained experience in business equipment. He enjoyed the field, which inspired him to continue working in sales and marketing. Mr. Armstrong has 35 years of professional experience and is recognized for his ability to generate and formulate dysfunctional teams and put them back together. In his role, Mr. Armstrong is responsible for overseeing the leading element of the company, growing relationships with leasing partners’ companies, identifying who needs training and coordinating training, maintaining pricing responsibility for all hardware products, liaising for third-party leasing companies, building third-party relationships which would benefit the company, holding strategic marketing responsibility, handling direct and dealer channel marketing, as well as marketing analytics, and sales training and development. Read the rest of this entry »

Craig Travers

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Craig Travers 1623736Title: Senior Associate

Company: Max International

Location: Quebec, Canada

Max International’s Glutathione Accelerators have been heralded as “The Medical Breakthrough” of the 21st Century for every single adult beyond age 20. It explains why so many Health care professionals have become “Preferred Customers“of his at Max International. These include physicians, nurses, medical scientists, and many others. The Immediate Past President of one of the most prestigious medical organizations in America, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, said this, “Max GXL is the biggest medical breakthrough I will ever see in my lifetime. It will change and transform the practice of medicine worldwide.” He also said that Dr. Robert Keller, the creator of Max GXL, would become more famous than Dr. Jonas Salk who invented the polio vaccine in the 20th century. To find out more about Dr. Robert Keller, Max GXL, Max One, Cellgevity, and other extraordinary products as well as Max International itself, click on the following link:

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Barry Flowerdew

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Title: Managing Director

Company: Autovillage Ltd

Location: United Kingdom

In 1971, Barry K. Flowerdew started his career in the automotive industry, where he was responsible for fitting and supplying car entertainment systems. He sold that company in 1975 and purchased a lotus care dealership, eventually selling it in 1980. Next, Mr. Flowerdew purchased a Vauxhall dealership, and entered into the military and diplomat sector with a Volvo franchise. That business, Autovillage Ltd, was established in 1975 and he is still running it today. Read the rest of this entry »

Anthony Hawley

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Anthony Hawley 1534640Title: Sales Director

Company: Light Be Lighting Pty Ltd

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Anthony Hawley entered the lighting industry more than 15 years ago after gaining extensive experience in marketing. He applied for a sales position at a lighting company and worked his way up the ranks. Today, he is recognized for his leadership and communication skills. As the sales director of Light Be Lighting Pty Ltd, a lighting company that offers street lights and flood lights for stadiums, and industrial and urban lighting, Mr. Hawley is tasked with working with local authorities, managing a sales team of 14, and presenting with developers, architects and electrical consulting engineers. Prior to attaining his current role, Mr. Hawley served as a sales engineer at BEKA Pty., Ltd., branch manager at Key Hire (Delta) and Direct Response Marketing (Prime Media), and dispatch manager and sales consultant at Universal Lamination. Mr. Hawley takes great pride in his work and enjoys working with different people on a daily basis and contributing to the energy savings in South Africa. He communicates well with others and speaks three languages, English, Zulu and Sotho. Although he is highly accomplished, Mr. Hawley believes the highlight of his career was meeting the country’s president and winning an international award for the company’s LED energy efficient product. He attributes his success to hard work and trying to be the best. In the coming years, he will be taking over the company as a whole, and be managing director, and continue to strive toward excellence.

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Denise Hoskin

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LogoTitle: Owner, Distributor of Xocai

Company: MXI Corp.

Location: Ontario, Canada

After being approached by her friend, who knew about the company, Denise Hoskin made the decision to pursue a career with MXI Corp., a chocolate distribution company that sells chocolate, beverages and Xocai products. Ms. Hoskin believes in the products and is enjoying her work for the company. In her role, she is responsible for selling company items, following up with consumers, and focusing on products with high levels of anti-antioxidants.

Ms. Hoskin is a positive person with many goals that she plans to achieve. She believes that once an individual has a firm belief in one’s self, anything can be achieved. She feels she has been able to excel in her professional endeavors due to her consistency, follow-through, helpful nature and confidence. Ms. Hoskin takes great pride in her work and gets great satisfaction out of working with a diverse group of clients. An entrepreneur at heart, Ms. Hoskin would like to start another company and further her professional success.  Read the rest of this entry »

Valerie Hayotte

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Valerie Hayotte 1798130Title: Sales Director

Company: ORACLE

Location: Garches, France

Inspired by her father, who was involved in sales, Valerie Hayotte made the decision to pursue a career in the field. Today, Ms. Hayotte has 18 years of experience in IT business in various positions, from sales to management. She joined Oracle in April 2007 as a sales executive and worked her way up to sales senior manager. In 2013, she assumed her current role.

Ms. Hayotte is recognized throughout the company for her sales and change management skills and team leadership abilities. Her position calls for her to encourage high levels of performance and innovation, maintain involvement in excellence programs and quality management, and lead a sales team comprised of 13 employees in the “Oracle Best of Breed Services” organization. Ms. Hayotte takes great pride in her work and always ensures she delivers high-quality customer service. Read the rest of this entry »

Dr. Christian Popp

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LogoTitle: Director of Training and Development

Company: Covidien

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

After studying medicine and working as physician in cardiology, radiology, and surgery, Dr. Christian Popp made the decision to get involved in the medical device industry. He joined Covidien, a company that provides medical devices for vascular therapy, in 2010 and assumed his current position in 2013. Dr. Popp has extensive experience in sales and marketing, and understands how to develop training and business programs. He draws on his past experience and strong skill set to fulfill his responsibilities and drive the success of the company. In his role, Dr. Popp is tasked with developing and delivering training for internal sales representatives, customer service, and train managers, evaluating products, clinicals and sales training, and establishing business needs based sales methods. His goal for the programs is to help other companies integrate new people and technology effectively. Read the rest of this entry »

Tracey Caville

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Tracey Caville 1621979Title: Strategic Accounts Executive

Company: Swish Maintenance Limited

Location: Ontario, Canada

Tracey Caville started her career in accounting, but found that she had a knack for sales. She joined Swish Maintenance Limited, a sanitation and maintenance company, in 1992 to fill a temporary accounting position and quickly became a permanent member of its staff. A passionate professional who earned the honor of Top Sales Person of the Year in 2012 and 2013, Ms. Caville is an invaluable asset to the company. She worked her way up the ranks and had her current role created for her in 2012. As the strategic accounts executive, she is responsible for overseeing all large corporate clients in the organization, handling the company’s largest accounts that make up $12 million of the $100 million within the organization, and filtering down information and/or any issues that need to be dealt with to various account managers across various provinces. Ms. Caville is a people person who enjoys meeting and helping others by providing them with solutions. She prides herself on providing her clients with the highest quality services and always makes herself available to them. Her dedication to her clients has been rewarded through their loyalty. Ms. Caville continues to work with clients she acquired when she was first promoted to a sales position. An overachiever who gets great satisfaction out of doing her job well, Ms. Caville plans to continue providing her services to her clients, as well as expand nationally across Canada in the near future.

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Joanne Solverson

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LogoTitle: Livestock Production Sales Representative

Company: UFA

Location: Alberta, Canada

Joanne Solverson is a livestock production sales representative for UFA Limited, an agriculture, farming and petroleum company that provides its clients with a wide range of services. Ms. Solverson has been involved in the agriculture industry her entire life and was eager to develop a career in the field. An expert in working with livestock and communicating with a diverse group of people, Ms. Solverson is responsible for working directly with producers, customers and store managers to increase livestock production. Her vast experience in farming enabled her to receive top sales for four consecutive months and gain a strong reputation throughout UFA. Ms. Solverson earned academic scholarships to pursue a degree in agricultural business and management, and is also a Cattlemen’s Young Leaders graduate. She attributes her success to networking and her determination. Looking toward the future, Ms. Solverson would like to expand the livestock side of the company by 25-30 percent. Read the rest of this entry »

Catherine Vergez

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LogoTitle: Managing Director

Company: Tai Ping

Location: Paris, France

Catherine Vergez started working for Tai Ping as a sales executive and quickly gained recognition for her skill set and knowledge. She was promoted to managing director seven years ago and has become an integral part of the company’s success. Tai Ping was established in 1956 in Hong Kong, and is one of the most famous brands worldwide for luxury carpets. It provides custom carpeting to hotels, yachts, casinos, offices, and restaurants, as well as other clients in more than 100 countries.

An expert in design, brand awareness, carpet manufacturing, and product promotion, Ms. Vergez is responsible for hiring, firing and managing the staff, developing the manufacturing company, creating strategic plans with the CEO, and promoting the company’s products in the EMEA region. During her tenure, Ms. Vergez has grown the brand awareness in Europe, and promoted the carpet as one of the masterpieces in the carpet industry.

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