Constance Nash

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Constance Nash

Title: Founding Partner, President

Company: VSL LTD

Location: London, UK

Constance Nash recently established an amalgamated firm through an invitation by the British government to cultivate her assets under their protective umbrella, in order to provide jobs and revenue to the U.K. with their new inward investment project. Her work has been deemed a foundation for the “Mobile Wave.” Ms. Nash Optimized Data Transmission System and Method’s inventions in Partitioning and Slice, plus software and coding is the foundation to the Mobile Wave starting in 2001, and continuing with non-obsolete data transmission technology for reducing all data to transmit via the narrow bandwidth of the Internet: Hers is the foundation of the Technology pyramid, and hers is still growing with her own innovations and new inventions. Her tier 1 law firm in entertainment and technology informed her that her and Alex’s solution to transmitting data through the Internet was a solution they called The Holy Grail, worth $50 billion in 2001: IF she could write a patent and IF she could make the Software. “That there was an international race to find the solution to reducing data to transmit low bit rate, non-buffering, problematic LOSSY AND LOSSLESS data: lossless means no loss of data being sent. But, her inventions only transmitted three percent of the received data, and yet there is no lost data: VSL’s are lossless. She co-prosecuted Australia, and all patents by flying to each patent law firm to teach the invention, so it could be protected.

Ms. Nash fought for its and her own rights, but patents was just the tip of the iceberg of the VSL in development achievement; software was and is brilliant. It is the key to the bundle of assets value. The applications she came up with, such as an image chipset inside a surveillance systems camera, when all security system cameras had external cables, changed how surveillance succeeds. That invention was not for a bandwidth transit usage on just the Internet. It proved the broad usage of the inventions themselves. “Film used to be delivered in a can, which was sent in costly film strips to theatres,” she said, recently. Today, movies can be sent digitally, to equipment she envisioned years ago. She wrote of this in her White Paper too, and showed the concept and the patent to Universal. Read the rest of this entry »


Hardy Koehler

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Hardy Koehler 1901286Title: Senior Director SMB Sales EMEA

Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Location: Voerde, Germany

Mr. Koehler has 26 years of professional experience, with seven years as a Senior Director of SMB Sales EMEA for Adobe Systems Incorporated. Each day, he is responsible for managing sales, running seven different sales teams across channel and indirect sales, and revitalizing channel and implement disruptive business model across EMEA both internally and externally. Read the rest of this entry »

Wernher Friedrich

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Wenher Friedrich 1836225Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Mencor Consulting

Location: South Africa

Wernher Friedrich is the CEO of Mencor Consulting, a software consulting agency that offers services in business analysis, process automation, software development, and project management. The company also provides very specific analytical and methodological approaches to problem analysis and solutions development, as well as customized solutions for specific business requirements, with a specific focus on cost saving and futuristic expansion. Mr. Friedrich has 20 years of experience in information communication technologies and is recognized for his expertise in strategic architectural solutions and software. Mr. Friedrich spends his days developing solutions for clients, advising companies about software, developing integrated van software, managing a software development team, enhancing computer applications, participating in stakeholder forums, and forecasting budgetary processes. Read the rest of this entry »

Gustavo Hevia

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Title: Computer Systems Analyst

Company: Hevia Consulting Inc.

Location: Quebec, Canada

Gustavo A. Hevia is the chief executive officer and computer systems analyst at Hevia Consulting Inc. His company provides software, live stream video, and consulting services to clients. He was inspired to establish his company by his desire to create new products in the field. Mr. Hevia has 32 years of professional experience and has been working on his own for the past seven. Throughout his career, Mr. Hevia worked for IBM, Match Shipping Management, Motorola and Banco Mercantil in technical roles. He is recognized for his filmmaking and database creation skills, and spends much of his time creating databases for businesses. He also develops the business, sends marketing materials and makes calls to increase the company’s client base. Mr. Hevia attributes his success to his prior experiences working for banks and in telecommunications. Read the rest of this entry »

Jacqueline Jacques

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Jacqueline Jacques 1440577Title: President

Company: Hoodoo Informatique Inc.

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Jacqueline Jacques knew that technology was a great industry to get into when she was a student at the University of Montreal and has developed a lucrative career in the field over the past 37 years. She founded Hoodoo Informatique Inc., an information technology company with the mission of assisting companies with the IT and software needs, including websites and social media platforms, in 2003. Ms. Jacques has watched her company gain a stellar reputation for its products and services, and is extremely proud of the path her career has taken. She is known for her expertise in the quality assurance development information technology and quality control software and processes, and is responsible for working as a quality assurance software consultant, and overseeing Web developers and programmers to fix any defects for clients. Ms. Jacques is a highly accomplished IT professional who is credited with creating a new program for colleges in IT that was adopted by the Minister of Education in Quebec. She developed the program more than 10 years ago and it is still going on today. Ms. Jacques attributes her success to her hard work and education. Looking toward the future, she would like to continue expanding her company and its services. Read the rest of this entry »