Dr. Dale Layman

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Layman, Dale 1956238Title: Author, Speaker, Visionary Thinker in the Sciences

Company: Robowatch, LLC

Location: Joliet, IL, United States

Dale Layman has been involved with human rights advocacy since 1999, after reading several scientific articles detailing the invasive progression of technology that is a growing threat to organic life. Concerned with this, Dr. Layman works as an author and speaker to raise awareness of this problem. In order to inform society, he maintains a blog and reports on developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. Over the course of the next few years, Dr. Layman endeavors to make his findings from his research in the field of robotics better known and salient to the public.

Dr. Layman earned a Bachelor of Science in anthropology and zoology from the University of Michigan in 1971. He continued to earn a Master of Science in physiology from the university’s medical school in 1974. From there, he received a Ph.D. in health and safety studies from the University of Illinois in 1986, and in 2003 earned another Ph.D. from the European Academy of Information and World Information Distributed University. His latest degree is a Ph.D. in medicine from WIDU. In addition, he became an educational specialist in physiology and health science from Ball State University in 1979. Read the rest of this entry »


Kevin Thomson

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Kevin ThomsonTitle: Joint Chief Excitement & Chief Executive Officer

Company: Ways of Work and Wellbeing

Location: Reading, United Kingdom

Kevin Thomson started his career in external marketing with brands like Action Man (U.S. GI Joe) and developing the Mr. Men product with Roger Hargreaves, the creator. He fell into the service industry and needed to motivate staff and began the UK first-ever internal-marketing programs. Mr. Thomson is the first ever internal marketer, and the only author of five books on the subject of internal marketing, with two more on the way. For the past three years, he has been serving as the chief excitement as well as chief executive officer of Ways of Work and Wellbeing (WoWW!). The mission of the agency is to help as many customers and clients as it can to put into practice the number one in the five Ways of Wellbeing — to connect. Its passion is to use art and science to generate performance through personality. Mr. Thomson and his colleagues help business customers and consumers via a range of branded and bespoke apps, products and services such as the forthcoming Money Mentor Me! – a U.K. based advisory service. Read the rest of this entry »