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Frederic Cote

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cote-frederic-2092920Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Cote-Jean and Associates

Location: Magog, QC, Canada

Recognized for his excellence in civil engineering, Frederic Cote was recently named a VIP Member of Worldwide Branding. As the Chief Executive Officer of Cote-Jean and Associates, his primary function is to oversee the operations of the structural and civil engineering services. These operations include strategic planning and developing new business. Mr. Cote lends his expertise to analyzing the finances, managing projects and ensuring compliance. Additionally, he plans, develops and implementing strategies for the firm. Furthermore, he directs the marketing for the firm and the work processes.

Mr. Cote has actively contributed to the field for 16 years. He attended Sherbrooke University and earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Afterwards, he obtained a master’s degree in structural engineering from Laval University in 2002. He maintains membership with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, and the Chamber de Commerce de Sherbrooke as governor. Read the rest of this entry »


James K. Amoah

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Amoah, James 1695919Title: Managing Director & Founder
Kaleidoscope International
Lausanne Vaud, Switzerland

James Amoah provides more than 20 years of experience to his latest venture, as the manager and the founder of Kaleidoscope International. The company offers consultations on strategic business assets such as supply chains, team training and leadership development. Mr. Amoah has served for years in senior level positions, and provides commercial operations management and e-commerce solutions. Kaleidoscope International advises international companies such as Swiss Life Science Company and the Hutman Company. Additionally, he serves as the interim vice president of global operations and was sourced by one of the world’s top 50 most innovative pharmaceutical companies.

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Claude Millette, Eng.

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Millette, Claude 1996656Company: Videotron

Title: Previous General Director

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Over the past three decades, Mr. Millette has cemented his reputation as an effective and respected management professional who is able to successfully bring a vision to life. He possesses a talent for aligning the needs of a company toward unexpected results by re-adjusting his approach whenever necessary. Mr. Millette has spent his career honing his expertise in revenue growth, strategic planning, sourcing and supply chain management, and international business development. He has also cultivated his skills in analytical problem solving, commercial and contractual negotiations, and organizational transformation.

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Catherine Vergez

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LogoTitle: Managing Director

Company: Tai Ping

Location: Paris, France

Catherine Vergez started working for Tai Ping as a sales executive and quickly gained recognition for her skill set and knowledge. She was promoted to managing director seven years ago and has become an integral part of the company’s success. Tai Ping was established in 1956 in Hong Kong, and is one of the most famous brands worldwide for luxury carpets. It provides custom carpeting to hotels, yachts, casinos, offices, and restaurants, as well as other clients in more than 100 countries.

An expert in design, brand awareness, carpet manufacturing, and product promotion, Ms. Vergez is responsible for hiring, firing and managing the staff, developing the manufacturing company, creating strategic plans with the CEO, and promoting the company’s products in the EMEA region. During her tenure, Ms. Vergez has grown the brand awareness in Europe, and promoted the carpet as one of the masterpieces in the carpet industry.

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