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Roberta Murray Hirst

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LogoTitle: Retired Founder

Company: Pretty River Academy

Location: Ontario, Canada

Roberta Murray Hirst is an education specialist who founded Pretty River Academy, an independent school that provided education for students in preschool through grade 12. Pretty River Academy started with 20 students, and at its high had 165 students. Ms. Murray Hirst has dedicated 32 years to the field of academia and established the school when she saw a need for its services in the area. An expert in coaching and developing strategies, Ms. Murray Hirst was responsible for teaching high school and elementary grades, training, and hiring staff. She also developed strategic plans to build upon the school’s reputation. Ms. Murray Hirst worked and developed the school for 15 years before retiring. She has achieved great success throughout her illustrious career and believes she has excelled because of her integrity and spirit, as well as her ability to engage her students and families. Looking toward the future, Ms. Murray Hirst intends to pursue the position of dean, or possibly become a professional consultant. Read the rest of this entry »